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Aug 6, 2019
Apr 11, 2012
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Aug 6, 2019
    1. AlexTurley
      im in class :) but i can message on this
    2. AlexTurley
      ull av a escapee like heffin - every window he been nerli out off. even parents bedroom he jumps up n sways on the toop one but there is no were for him to jump to - i will have a heart attack xx
    3. RabbitMonster
      Happy birthday for yesterday Rizz! Did you have a good day? :D
    4. AlexTurley
      New lil man sooon :P xxx
    5. Philski
      Yes, very sad about 'my' breeder, but she had been doing it for many years, so I think what happened just marked the end of a long career..

      I hope all goes well with your new boy, I would love to hear how he is!
    6. Philski
      Thanks for letting me know, I hadn't heard of them before - are they new to breeding Maus? Actually, Suffolk is where my two came from, although my breeder has hung up her boots now, she had an awful year last year, losing two of her queens in quick succession. Is yours a silver, bronze or smoke?
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