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May 18, 2016
Apr 16, 2008
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May 18, 2016
    1. Flossy 666
      Flossy 666
      Hi, I noticed you have mentioned you know of a vet in the s/w that performs fertility services ( sounds rude but cant think how else to word it lol). I would be grateful if you could let me know who it is as I will need them in few weeks. I am in Cornwall and theres nobody for miles!
    2. AlphaPets

      My Email address is alphapetshome@gmail.com I don't know why you cannot message me or vice versa..

    3. Dogless
      Hi; hope that you're doing well - have you seen the RR thread in the Training section? I"ve done my best but you obviously know much more than me!! x
    4. Edyta
      Hi :) Thank U very much for reply about rhodesian :) Maybe U can tell me more about those dogs cuse U must be very experience person.
      Have a lovely day :)
    5. Ridgielover
      Hi Skoust
      Not a problem at all :) I've been a Ridgie enthusiast for years now, got my first in 1985 and currently have 6 with another on his way :)
      I did try to message you with my phone number so we could have a chat, but you haven't made enough posts to be allowed to receive messages. So if you do some more posting, I can message you. I'd be more than happy to help :)
    6. Skoust
      Hi there, hope it's ok to message you out of the blue like this! :) I can see that you're very experienced and knowledgeable about the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed and I was wondering if you could possibly recommend some responsible breeders and any words of wisdom re your experiences? My partner and I are in the process of learning as much about the breed and hope to adopt one in the distant future. We live in the Channel Islands but have family in Hampshire, however we are quite happy to travel further for the right breeder! Thank you.
    7. Kimbamocca
      Hello Ridgielover,
      thank you fro your post. Yes, I got my RR-girl in UK, she comes from "Zejak Kennel".
      Life must be very entertaining with 6 Ridgebacks :-) Would love to see pictures of them!
    8. Ridgielover
      Hi mumof5. What cross is your dog and what are you currently feeding him?
    9. dobermummy
      hi, i see you are experianced with rr's :) and was wondering if you can help me, my rr x is a year old and i am struggling to put any weight on him. he eats loads.

      thank you
    10. SuzannePetPhotographer
      I did contact Suzies breeder but its clear now she was only in it for the money.
    11. lucindafn
      Urgent - desperately seeking a repro vet in the SW, as I need to AI my girl, trying to breed to my 7 year old dog and he can't manage the angle of the dangle. My vet is supportive but has never done this before. Please would you e-mail me on fletcherneal@btinternet.com or call me on 01647 281143.

      many thanks,
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