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Oct 24, 2019
Aug 5, 2008
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edinburgh (ish)
forklift driver

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PetForums Senior, from edinburgh (ish)

ridgeback05 was last seen:
Oct 24, 2019
    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, just popped along to say hi. we have a new ridgie in the block, it looked stunning. 1st time i have seen it. still can see the ribs alot and ridge isn't visable as yet, so must be a youngun. how are you and yours, ttfn.
    2. Karly82
      Thanks for the advise I'll have a look and see if I can get it in Falkirk
    3. Kimbamocca
      Yes the actual stud dog at Zejak is a Veldtkammer boy (Yogi) and he is so stunning. I saw him last year and he is really a great dog.. Unfortunately Veldtkammer didn't have a litter when were looking but we are really happy with Kimba. She has a lovely temperament!
    4. Kimbamocca
      thank you very much. And they are lovely too. I just love them to bits...
      Do you know "Zejak Ridgebacks"??
    5. Kimbamocca
      Yes she is from Kennel Zejak
    6. Kimbamocca
      Hello, happy to find another RR-lover. I had a look at your homepage: GREAT!! I like it.
      I have my first RR, she is now 1 year old and I am really happy..
    7. gooner1
      just thought i would let you know i have put on a new post. I puck up my new dog a 12 week old Rhidge called Neo. i am sure we will get a lot of love and affection from him and vice versa. You dont mind if i pick your brains for the first few weeks do you as you cannot beat someone with experience and knowledge which as you know you get over time.
    8. gooner1
      Hi thanks for the advice. I will be putting on a new post tomorrow so I won't go into it yet. The one question I would like some advice on is what do you recommend I feed the 12 week old puppy I will be picking up next weekend.I understand that everyone has there own idea if what is best including myself. I was thinking of a mix of dry & wet food, would I be heading in the right direction?
    9. ballybee
      Hi :) We're all good, had a lovely afternoon chilling in Pittenweem(Tummel had to get a wash as we went down the farm path for a walk and he got so muddy playing in the puddles). How are you? Did you go somewhere nice(if i'd seen this message when you posted i would have invited you to Fife for the afternoon ;) ) x
    10. axl
      i have indeed in detail :D
    11. axl
      anytime i just love your dogs
    12. axl
      thought i wrote something then
    13. axl
      thankyou ive already had a look at your stunning dogs and when i say stunning ir eally mean it :D x
    14. Devil-Dogz
      Love the dog in your profile picture, stunning head!
    15. borderer
      great dogs love em
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    Home Page:
    edinburgh (ish)
    forklift driver
    live just outside edinburgh with my partner avril and our three ridgebacks...also have a harris hawk and 7 ferrets..

    falconry,golf...and other bits and bobs


    If i had'nt seen such riches i could live with being poor.

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