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Dec 4, 2014
Aug 18, 2011
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Dec 4, 2014
    1. beris
      Heidi's problem is she doesn't like people, probably not surprising, she takes a large circle around them. She is very loving and playful with me superb temperament, and loves my daughters dogs. This is the first time in my life that I have had only one dog, as you get older you think twice about having two Hi!!!!!
    2. beris
      Hi Thank you for message. Heidi is a rescue from RSPCA Swansea. She was a case dog with rspca and had had all her fur shaved off when I first saw her. I didn't intend to have a Samoyed but as I was retired and didn't want any more puppies ( I have always had a German shepherd, Golden retriever and Welsh springers) decided I would rescue a dog and when I saw this little dog with no fur I said to my daughter I would take her home and give her lots of TLC. She does have lots of problems even after working hard with her for 5 years. She is approx 10yrs old now.
      Best wishes Beris
    3. lindsay and diesel
      lindsay and diesel
      yes i understand, it is a bit scary that he will be 50 kilo plus charging round the house, he does seem to be coming pretty dominant,, i know thats his breed but he kinda wants to be the boss!!! I have not had him weighed since he was 14 weeks and he was about 15 kilo then. i will take him soon to be weighed. what does cooper weigh? will look forward to seeeing more pics of him
    4. lindsay and diesel
      lindsay and diesel
      Hello, I have put some pics up. we kinda having the same problem, Diesel is pretty well behaved but when he gets excited he charges round and he has knocked my four year old daughter over... she got really mad with him and shouted at him,,, then he started barking at her... i think the pups will calm down .. I am not too worried as he is just a pup.. i do defo know what you mean tho... it can be a bit scary ...
    5. lindsay and diesel
      lindsay and diesel
      hello, I hope you and your family are well? how is copper doing!! I have some good news... Diesel walked for the first time on the lead, we went round the block and he loved it!!! yay... i gave him lots of praise and when i saw he was worried i just sat with him for a bit and reasured him.... yay.... will put some pics up soon
    6. DoggieBag
      Not a problem :)
    7. theevos5
      see!! I am not messing when I say how bad he was,he was really awful,notice how he has his eye on the food though all the way through!we have just taught him to crawl commando style!My son in the vid was the one he used to target with his nipping and he was heartbroken as he was the one that picked Alf chose his name the lot,when he started to get a bit frightened of him,thats when we said why don't you teach him some tricks to sort of form a bond but also for Alf to take orders off him.Anyway Alf was a ****,he still can be,when he wants but we have been where you are now,its a hard slog,but you will get through it,just slightly greyer at the end of it!
    8. theevos5
    9. theevos5
      the thing is what works for one dog,doesn't work for every dog,cooper sounds like a stubborn bugger like my Alf,we worked out you don't ask Alf to sit you have to tell him!otherwise he was just taking the piss,when you find out what works stick to it like glue!! you are right about the growing out of it,I had this conversation with hubby and you would like to take all the credit for the settling down but alot of it is they just get older!!
    10. theevos5
      I have been following your posts and it all looks good,I hope you get there,you are certainly putting the hard work in,Its so much easier having kids than a puppy!teenagers even come to think of it!haha
    11. theevos5
      Thanks for the rep,keep up the good work with Coop,you will get there,I honestly never imagined we would get there with Alf and we did so there is hope
    12. springerpete
      Thanks for your picture comment. This bird was a worry, standing alongside me when I sent him was the gamekeeper who bred him, and whose shelves are filled with trialing trophies. Not the sort of chap you want watching your pup going for his first bird on a shoot. Good lad, he didn't show me up.
    13. springerpete
      Hi, thanks for the message, yes we're fine, young dogs coming along very well, both have had their first experience of the shooting fierld, neither showed me up thankfully.
      To be honest, i gave up posting because a lot of my veiws got up a few peoples noses and that's the last thing I want to do, life's too short to spend it defending yourself and your ideas. It seems my old fashioned methods of dog training makes me a bit of a dinosaur by todays standards.
      I must say that pic of 'Cooper is too cute for words. Thanks again for asking after us, if ever you want to get in touch do so, I still have a browse about, just keeping my head down. Take care. Peter.
    14. lindsay and diesel
      lindsay and diesel
      hi there, sorry I am new here and it has just took me ages to see how to message you back!!! I got him from the breeder Donnajay. where is yours from? he looks just like my pup in the picture!! beautifull. does yours not walk on the lead either???? x
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    16. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Your very welcome
    17. springerpete
      Hi, Thanks, the youngsters are coming on, early days yet though so it's fingers crossed.
    18. springerpete
      Saw you'd visited my page, thought I'd return the compliment and say hello.. Pete.
    19. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      It does sit on top same as Mals and Sibes, its wool really so just sits there, pretty easy to hoover up. My Dad had two dobermanns theirs was worse, its short coarser hair and stick in things like pine needles.
    20. redginald
      Dyson probably a good shout, if I remember rightly her hair got everywhere but sort of sat on top of the carpet if that makes sense?! redds seems to weave itself in, I've even had hair splinters from him.
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