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Dec 4, 2014
Aug 18, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from swindon

redginald was last seen:
Dec 4, 2014
    1. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Noticed you had been on because spotted you in my visitors listings,
      Hope you and the family are all well.
    2. Malmum
      'They' are blinking always off lead and I don't know why. Flynn had the same but obviously handled it well. I always pick my little dogs up after having one killed by just one bite. Glad he was okay bless him.
    3. Waterlily
    4. LurcherOwner
      Literally just checked my rep! (Why is there no notification for these?! I have a naff memory) Thanks you very much for my second ever rep!! :D
    5. Pupcakes
      Please remember to keep your opinions to yourselr in future. ;)
    6. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      LOL LOL :)

      Hmmm....SB hasn't posted for a bit....perhaps she's busy trying to pinpoint our addresses so she can hunt us down and lecture us.......!

      Run? I'll go into witness protection if SB is within a ten mile radius!
    7. Pupcakes
      I was gonna rep you again but it said I had to share it! Lol!
    8. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      I am sending you all best wishes for tomorrow and I know it's been said a lot but I think you were a FAB owner and friend to Cooper.

      Me thinks I shall be having nightmares about SMOKEY BEAR this evening. Do we know which part of the country she's in? Jeez I hope nowhere near me...!!! LOL
    9. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Oh, that is a classic line from you to SMOKEY BEAR about you wanting to bite her after reading her posts - thank you SO much for making me laugh!

      Hope you and your family are doing OK after a very tough time, and that your new addition is settling in well :)
    10. Luz
      you're welcome Chuck!
    11. Cleo38
      I really am so very sorry to hear about the difficult decision you had to make for Cooper. I have followed your threads for quite a while; smiled at the lovely pics you posted, laughed at his antics but then also sympathised when you started having problems. I also had an unpredictable dog but her aggression was never really directed towards people lucklily. It is stressful having to watch every movement, never being able to relax completely in your own home & watch your behaviour in case this triggers something. I am so sorry that despite your very best efforts the problems couldn't be resolved.
      Really am thinking of you all x
    12. Milliepoochie
      Really sorry to hear about Cooper - I hope your family all woke up slightly less stressed this morning. Its been one crazy journey and you done so much for Coop. Thinking of you at this hard time, x x
    13. Kinjilabs
      So sorry to hear about Cooper, you did your best for that boy! dont ever forget that.

      Take care, if you ever need to talk feel free to PM me x
    14. ozrex
      Hi Redginald,

      Just thinking of you and hoping all is well. All the best.

    15. emmaviolet
      Thats a good idea. Is he ok with you carrying him etc.
      Is he crate trained?
      I wish you lots of luck when you go!
    16. emmaviolet
      Are you practising handling him and lifting etc?
    17. emmaviolet
      Oh no I'm so sorry things are still not going well with him.
      Its such a shame after everything you have been through.
      Will the behaviourist not come back to see him or maybe one who specialises in ddb's? I'm of the less popular opinion thar different dogs and breeds need different methods. Not saying abusive but firmer in some cases. But that is just me and a few others.
      Will he be able to cope with the op do you think?
    18. emmaviolet
      Hey hows cooper doing?
    19. paddyjulie
      Thank you ...lol.
    20. harley bear
      harley bear
      You were right, he is a knob! I hope you red blobbed him :lol:
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