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Aug 4, 2016
Feb 6, 2009
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not quite Wales

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PetForums Senior, from not quite Wales

reddogs was last seen:
Aug 4, 2016
    1. leanne2479
      lovley dogs from another dog lover, x :O)
    2. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hiya, just thought I would stop by and say hello haven't seen you around for ages and just wondered how things are..... MM ~x~
    3. crazycrest
      reddogs....regarding the wormer you can just halve the drontal...I do it with my vet's knowledge no problem's...if under 5kg then quarter tablet x
    4. crazycrest
    5. reddogs
      Can you point me in the right direction please - my head has been all over the place with my poor boy being so unwell and puppies going etc etc
    6. crazycrest
      At last an acknowledgement on MM's thread...Thank's for that!
      you have done nothing wrong either so don't you think about it other than to dismiss it, both of you did right by your girl's & litter's as I am doing too! The comment was probably not aimed at any of us, but has made MM really mad. I guess you will catch up with the thread in question xx
    7. reddogs
      Mine have been out since they were just under 4 weeks, keeping an eye out for the weather and not letting them get too wet but it really does make life easier for you. Don't forget to put a sunshade up and move it round with the sun, bless 'em my pups all migrate to the shade as it moves round the pen :)
    8. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      thanks for the info on the pen, I have ordered one. So in a week or so they can be outside, giving me a chance to tidy up x x x
    9. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Hi, just seen the new pic of the dogs, they are so beautiful, looking stunningly healthy. Could I ask where you got your pen for the garden from please, thanks Rach x
    10. reddogs
      So sorry to hear about the little boy - that must have been really hard especially after all the work you had done - RIP little one

      Ours are very very lively, been out in the garden this afternoon for a short while. They are walking really well, running into each other, the sides of the box, the food tray etc etc and have started to play with each other and the toys I have put in with them and have definitely found their voices :)

      They are eating whatever I put down for them (so far weetabix with either cottage cheese or mince, whelpi and today puppy kibble with mince), some more than others so I am still trying to get Storm to feed them although she is reluctant - I think the teeth are hurting now - but I need her to feed them as she has so much milk, I resort to sitting outside the box in a place where she has to get in the box and feeding her treats food anything that keeps her in there for a period of time so the pups can feed. Not sure on this weaning thing so will play it by ear and her teats :) Thought she was getting mastitis earlier in the week so had to hot flannel her and try to get the milk to flow, worked as above but ooo my knees and we seem to have avoided the mastitis at the moment.

      Have had to cut their nails twice now - any one would think I was chopping their heads off the amount of squirming and noise :)

      We have now had all our buyers round to view the puppies who are all totally in love with them I ahve to keep checking I've still got the right number when anyone leaves :) my OH's granddaughter and her cousin have spent the last 4 days in the whelping box cuddling the puppies and generally playing with them so they are well socialised and handled.

      Must really upload some more video over the weekend

      Enjoy your little girl :) we are keeping a girl from ours
    11. Small~Fluffy
      Thought I would update you on our pups.
      The little girl is now called Harmony an doing soo well :-) has just started being weaned and is a lot of fun. She trys to run without even being able to walk properly an has found she can yap so keep practising!!
      The little boy Pippin we sadly lost on tuesday (3 weeks & 1 hour old)
      We had been having to handrear him an one minute he did well the next he took steps backwards :-(
      Im just so glad we have Harmony to ease our pain.

      Im so happy to see how well your gang are doing, they are so much fun.
      Will catchup soon :-)
    12. reddogs
      Going to keep one of the girls - probably ms orange collar
      ours have doubled in weight now so doing well waiting for the eyes to open :)
      We only notice the smell when Storm isn't in the box with them as she will clean it up when she's in there and when she gets back in.

      It's great isn't it?

      Got the 3 of the buyers visiting next weekend! but they can't choose until the stud dog owner has :) 'spose I'll let them choose their favourite two and then allocate afterwards (at 6 wks) but I am sure that I'll have more visits than just the one, can't believe how quickly the first 10 days have gone.
    13. Small~Fluffy
      Hiya :-)
      Things going really well here at last. Has taken 8 days of hourly feeds and no sleep but have finally turned the corner with the boy :-) Now have him at double his birth weight and he now finds a teat an latches on properly.

      The girl has flourished!! She has more than tripled her birthweight & looks huge compared to the boy.
      Mummy still very attentive (not noticed them doing smelly poo's thankfully LOL)
      She uses them like teddy bears and goes to sleep cuddling one or both of them in her front paws... so cute.
      The girl also wags her tail lots an very fast :-) hoping there eyes will open any day now.

      Im glad to see things going so well with yours, I went on U Tube to watch them :-))
      Have you decided which one you wish to keep?
      We still want to keep both of ours LOL

      Give mum & pups snuggles from us x
    14. reddogs
      I think they were pretty shocked too but she was just starving to death ...

      Pups are really good, there are some videos on youtube search for tollpepper, I have rubbish connections here so pics aren't always possible but managed some stuff this am
    15. DoubleTrouble
      Thank you for letting me know,I have to say I am stunned, and a little upset by the news. Would you please pass my condolenses on to the family, they must be devastated, as it sounds like they tried so hard.
      Expect this all sounds silly - but just really do not know what to say
      Hope you pups are doing well by the way, can we expect some pictures soon.
    16. DoubleTrouble
      You are more then welcome, I am hoping that a solution can be found for this poor girl!
      please keep me informed
    17. Small~Fluffy
      Awww Congratulations :-)
      Its a amazing experience!! Do keep me updated on your new arrivals xx
    18. minni girl
      minni girl
      Congratulations on the birth of the puppies!

    19. Small~Fluffy
      Hiya, the pups were due today but have not started as yet.
      Didn't have to worry about the whelping box, she loved it an goes in to rest, sleep an have a dig. Its in the living room during the day an in the bedroom at night.
      But she is only a dinky girl, could give birth in a shoe box ;-)

      She has to go to the vets on wednesday if they are not here by then. Hopefully they will be, im going to have chewed my fingers off by wednesday let alone my nails LOL

      I have found letting them go in and out as they please got her used to it quickly an where she is sooo tired now she just goes in and sleeps the day/night away.

      you must be getting excited, how many days now for you? 3?
      Hope it all goes well and on time, the waiting is the worst part.

      Take Care x
    20. Small~Fluffy
      I have put a message on the main forum, but really really pleased for you.
      Our vet was the same, just 2 definate but thought we saw 3. I think they only tell you if it a singleton or a massive litter.
      I can't believe we are starting week 6 tomorrow! Its flying by
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