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Rebecca J
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Jul 10, 2016
Jun 18, 2011
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Rebecca J

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Jul 10, 2016
    1. Rebecca J
      Rebecca J
      Aw she sounds lovelly, theres nothing worse than lack of sleep though don't blame you for separating them for a while!
    2. Rebecca J
      Rebecca J
      Ok, this is wierd, when I posted that message the other one i'd written appeared so u'v got 2 pretty much the same, you'l be reading these thinkin what a nutter lol x
    3. Chewie39
      I'm so pleased she's ok, they are such a worry the little horrors.
      Kitty is settling in really well, she's really confident and doesn't seem fazed by anything (except the hoover and the cat carrier!). They were really lairy last night though - am separating them at night which I don't want to do but for the sake of my sanity am having to do it for now!
    4. Chewie39
      Just wondering how Purdy is this morning? Hope she's feeling better,
      Chewie x
    5. lymorelynn
      Hi. I won't be putting the 'really annoyed' thread back on the forum as I feel there wouldn't be much left after editing it to remove the more insulting and argumentative posts.
      Regards, lymorelynn
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