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Rebecca and the pack
Last Activity:
Aug 25, 2009
Jul 3, 2009
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May 20, 1995 (Age: 26)
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
School Kid

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Rebecca and the pack

PetForums Junior, 26, from Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Rebecca and the pack was last seen:
Aug 25, 2009
    1. lucyhards@tigeraspect
      Hi Rebecca & The Pack

      Looks like you've got a great gang there! Rebecca, I wondered if you can help me? I work for Tiger Aspect and we're making a fab new series for Sky One about embarrassing pet problems. Specifically I am on the look out for birds and noticed your cheeky chapie! Does your bird have any embarrassing behaviours or naughty traits that could be interesting for the show? If so I would love to hear from you on 0207 529 9495 Lucy at Tiger Aspect Tiger Aspect
    2. scosha37
    3. degus
      he whats up?
    4. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      we had thunder and lighting here last night, and Laalie was going mental, got to bed at gone 1am.. after finallly setttleing her down.. theres rumbles in the distance again tonight to.. i'm just beat.. having a few voddies and going to try to catch up on some sleep before the storms take hold again
    5. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      hi hun, good to hear from you, all is well here, although i'm totally knackered.. this work thing is totally over rated!! i think it should be banned!
    6. sequeena
      You're probably right ;)

      Oh the poor boy, how is he now?
    7. sequeena
      So does mine! She also loves to lick her paw. Must be a small dog thing
    8. sequeena
      Oh I'm glad mine don't do that, I have a tendancy to lash out when I'm sleeping :D
    9. Rachh
      haha im hoping Rosie, Lola and Poppet become more loving with age ;) as they hate mummy kisses
      however the others adore their cuddles :D
      Especially Ady the oldest :)
    10. sequeena
      Haha the smaller dogs are all the same! Well for 8 months Sky is really well behaved, she had her moments where she destroys her bed and eats socks though! Candy is the nutter. She's 12 and always on the go!
    11. Rachh
      lol! My poppet things hes a dog :)
      my oldest is only 1 year 2 months :P
    12. sequeena
      Aw thank you very much :D Your 2 are stunning, bet they keep you on your toes!
    13. Rachh
      thankyou! :D i love my buns.
      Im liking the one in your personal picture!
      Is it yours? xx
    14. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Aww! I want a snail!!
    15. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Aww! Adorable! ^_^
      Do you have any other pets? Is that your bunny I see in your avatar?
    16. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Your welcome ^_^ What are their names?
    17. Deleted member 24724
      Deleted member 24724
      Hey there! ^_^ Gorgeous dogs in your profile pic! I've always wanted an Alsatian! Instead, I'm stuck with a 99.9% Crazy Irish Setter... ¬.¬ Lol
    18. scosha37
      Thank you for my Rep xxx
    19. sullivan
      Hi hope your enjoying the forum sorry didnt reply eariler but been very manic this weekend. Have fun. lol
    20. Patterdale_lover
      Awhh thanks hun! They had their first biscuit meal today and loved it, even tho they got a bit messy after :D x
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  • About

    May 20, 1995 (Age: 26)
    Birmingham, West Midlands, England
    School Kid
    Im 14, vegetarian and devoted to animals!
    I have 3 dogs, 2 German Shepherds Lucky aged 14 and Zeus aged 2 and a 6 month old staff, Fudge.
    I have 2 9 year old budgies Snowy and Dusty
    6 goldfish aged between 2 and 9
    1 Giant African Land Snail aged 1
    1 Rabbit aged 5

    Animals, animal care, nature, the enviroment, reading, English, sports of all kind and friends.


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