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Nov 23, 2016
Feb 13, 2014
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Surrey UK

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Nov 23, 2016
    1. Maldives
      Hi I'm so sorry have tried my camera in pc at work this morning and it will just not work. I think our IT chaps may have done something to stop us downloading onto the computers our own stuff! One of these days I'll get some pics of Smudge on here somehow. I think the Medacam (think that's the spelling) is helping him quite a bit at the moment the head tilt appears to be a little less right now and he is running about more like himself. Well better get on with some work I guess. Thanks for all your help. Lynn
    2. Maldives
      Hi my beautiful 5 year old raggi is in trouble! Started head tilting about 5 days ago. Took to vet Monday and he was given antibiotic jab. Vet looked in his ear and commented that she could see a mass. She said she would initially treat with antibiotics but it may be necessary to refer him to a specialist hospital in Bletchingley. I've been reading up on line and getting more terrified by the minute. This morning he appeared no better and is looking so miserable I've called the vet and brought his appointment which was due on Friday forward until this evening. I just cannot wait. All he wants to do is come to bed and sleep under the duvet. He is eating well but for sure is not himself. Have you ever heard of any other raggi with this sort of problem? Any advice or help would be so greatly appreciated.
    3. Ragdollsfriend
      Hi Marc, please check your Medran account again. Seems like the ban has been lifted :)
    4. MarcLondon
      Hi there,

      This is Medran (Marc) Could you do me a huge favour? For some reason the admins banned my actual account from which we have been discussing the London meet-ups.

      I had no warning email and just got a message today saying you are permanently banned on my main account. :(

      I have tried emailing the admin but if you could maybe drop them a private message to get my account re-instated that would be fantastic...

      P.S: Sorry for not sending a pm but since I had to make a new account I don't have access to the private messaging service.


    5. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi monika
      just thought I should let you know that I have had to take jack on emergency vets this morning. I was checking on him this morning at 6.30 and I thought he didn't look good. when I got to the vets, they have blood tested him and his creatinine was 700!!!! the vet sara, gave I had two options either to have him PTS then and there or try with a drip to see if it brings his bloods down, so he is there now. cant remember what the reading was but his urea and phosphorous was also up.
      will keep you informed when I hear anything, which wont be until this evening. I have prepared to let him go if he doesn't improve. I only lost my raggie charley in December, she was 16 and jack's soulmate. jenny xx
    6. Flamingoes
      Thank you!!

      And yes, he's my baby boy :o

      I'm covered in tattoos from his paw prints as a pup to his name :o

      How are your gorgeous meows doing?

    7. Flamingoes
      Just saying how beautiful your raggies are; I also have one little big lady who is currently sunbathing so I had to come and nosy to see if you had an album up :o xx
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