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May 28, 2011
Sep 4, 2008
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Rach was last seen:
May 28, 2011
    1. Rach
      Ah yes caught up with it this morning, am onto the breed club now see if they can do anything
    2. crazycrest
      Hi Rach, I just wanted your input on the This makes me sick thread, see you've been on there today, thank you x
    3. crazycrest
      Rach are you online x
    4. tashi
      got to go out now get rest of things for herself for USA lol speak later
    5. DevilDogz
      Hello rach how are you and your lots.! Though i would just drop by and say hello :) x
    6. smacsx
      I give up now, I never expected all this aggression.
      I have never breed before and wanted help and advise so I was able to make sure I was doing the right things.
      Thanks for trying, I'll never come back to this website again.
    7. ally
      Thanks! I will do anything I can to keep the forum better... to me all dogs are adorable and equal, mongrel, crossbreed or pedigrees - had all of them and can't choose a fave!
    8. ally
      I owe you an apology for my comments on my newbie post. Having talked to Tashi, she has explained that you, probably like me, are fed up with the bitching...I don't want to spoil this forum, just enjoy it and make it a great forum for others, I hope you can accept my apology and if you want it put on the open forum, let me know and I will do so! x
    9. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      I do hope that the wee one is doing better, just a newbie!
    10. crazydoglover
      hi your dog (in your profile pic) is Lovely :)
    11. Rach
      oh nice size, not too many, sorry about the one you lost tho :(

    12. tashi
      she has had them hun 8 lost one so we have 4 bitches 3 dogs
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