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Nov 1, 2014
Aug 3, 2014
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North Yorkshire

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Nov 1, 2014
    1. leximoo
      Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions, I do appreciate your time. I think I will read up on some proper ways to redirect behaviour and ways to control my emotions. If after that I find that I can't look after the puppy well enough, I will make sure I see him to the breeder and that he finds a good caring home. It would be traumatising for me but I do love him like I would love a child of my own and I have realised that my behaviour isnt any excuse.

      Thanks again, hope to see you around.
    2. leximoo
      Does it sound to you as though I should give the puppy back to his breeder, or do you think I have a chance at rectifying things between us if I make a huge effort to keep my reactions under control? It would really break my heart to return him but I honestly have thought about it a few times.I thought it would be a turning point in my life to help me get back onto the right track but it is proving more hard and stressful than I anticipated and I'm just so confused whether this is normal. Also, I am not a dog trainer, that isn't what I meant, I just meant when I train family dogs. My use of english may have been slightly poor in my post, apologies
    3. leximoo
      Hi. I'm sorry that my post caused so much stress within the forum, but I'm not trolling. I thought that I would have responses to reassure me that I could rebuild our trust and make my puppy happy and respectful, but it seems that the way I posted it made people think I was mucking around. If you have any tips on how I can gauge the trust he has for me or how I can test whether he is traumatised I would be grateful. I desperately want to be better for my pup, I do love him very dearly really. I was smacked, hit and belted as a child, it is absolutely NO excuse, nor is my poor mental health, I have seen what effect that can have on people (myself as an example), I think perhaps that is why it came so easily to me to just hit him without thinking about it first. Nevertheless, I don't want him to feel the way about me as I do about my parents, I want him to love me and I am so sorry to him for what I did today.
    4. rocco33
      Thanks for the rep x
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