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Dec 1, 2010
Mar 27, 2009
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PetForums Senior, from derbyshire

purrlover was last seen:
Dec 1, 2010
    1. Dozymoo
      Hi Julie, nothing to report I'm afraid. :( She's been a few times but with no lucky yet. She calls like crazy and she has definately been mated (a few times) on the last two visits but with no luck. We're going to give it one last go and see hat happens. Fingers crossed it'll be 3rd time lucky.... Good luck with Honey and Rosie, I hope all goes well! x
    2. Dozymoo
      Hi Julie, Just seen all of your new photos! Haven't they grown? It's amazing how quickly they shoot up. And they're all so pretty. You must be chuffed to bits with them. Cleo is back at stud again. We've had 4 tries with 2 different studs :( She's proven to be a very tricky customer. But it sounds like she is "loving" her stay this time so fingers crossed...
    3. Dozymoo
      Alright hun? How are those lovely kittens of yours? xx
    4. Pumpkin
      I've got the 3 albums worth on my profile! lol. That hasn't got ALL there pics in but majority of them lol. xx
    5. Pumpkin
      Thankyou for your lovely comment. I love my little babies and Treacle's colouring still amazes me lol. xx
    6. crofty
      Just realised you gave me good rep (ive only just learnt how to see your latest rep lol) thankyou :) x
    7. MySugar
      How cute! Lol. glad all is well.
      Just lots of arguing and some trolls. Bit of a hoohar with another forum, members coming over from there, one member supposedly slagging another off. But that got sorted...I think. And even some stuff I missed! Members have left too :(
    8. MySugar
      Hi :) Awww, keeping you your toes are they. I look forward to the pics.
      Probably best you've not been here much, been a bit of a battle ground. Not too pleasant.
      Things are ok here thanks. Pepper is having her imms next Friday (previous owners were having her as a house cat so hadn't had them done). Teddy is still stand offish. Hoping that'll change.
      Is Rosie better now then?
    9. claire
      hahahahaha thank you xx
    10. Taylorbaby
      thanks lol! :)
      When are you doing yours?? :)
    11. Taylorbaby
      You can peek now its up lo! :D
    12. MySugar
      Awww, poor little Rosie. Prob is just feeling under the weather and taking it out on everything. Hope she feels better real soon.
      Mine are ok at the mo thanks, apart from both having the runs. I have a sneeky suspicion it is down to a high tuna content Asda food. So no more of that for them! I do feel bad for Teddy though, he is crying to go out, escaped once out of a tiny gap in an open window! Luckily he just sat on the garden table and I picked him up. Phew! He is also being stalked by pepper, who wants to play. But he is not interested. But not heard any hissing for a while so hoping things will only get better :D
    13. manxbabe
      Thanks for going to my page,i lived in the isle of man for nearly 12months and thats were i signed up to msn about 10 years ago.I have kept it ever since.Goodluck with breeding the manx cat,they are a loverly cat.(not that i have owned one)...
    14. Milly22
      Thanks lots for the blob. I had an experience with Mistys litter 4 days before they were due to go to their homes! I have to admit I put them back onto Whiskas!! :)
    15. Dozymoo
      Good Luck! :) I hope it all goes well! :) xx
    16. Dozymoo
      I'll bet you are! Enjoy them while they're kittens though. I'm amazed but how quickly the time has flown, and now Cleo's not a little baby any more. Not sure how long she'll be at stud, depends on whether or not she plays hard to get ;) I'll let you know how we got on though.
    17. Dozymoo
      Doing good thanks. :) Taking Cleo to stud in a month or so! Getting very excited and nervous. I bet you can't wait to bring your new girls home! xx
    18. Badger's Mum
      Badger's Mum
      So have i. bit early in the morning for me lol
    19. Badger's Mum
      Badger's Mum
      yeah you'd think the mod's would have seen it by now
    20. Taylorbaby
      lol I was only kidding!!
      It should be up next week! :D
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    Home Page:
    my names is julie im 41(years young) im married , got 3 human kids 1 cat, 2 dogs , im looking into a new venture that im so excited about , im being mentored by a really good friend, so in the next year or 2 im going to be a breeder of manx cats !

    cats , dogs , kids husband... usually in that order! lol


    mummy to Rosie & Honey and new addition ... Nancy :)
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