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Apr 15, 2014
Dec 29, 2010
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Apr 15, 2014
    1. zedstar
      Its Marcus with the british blue, i seem to not have your email address and i've gone and deleted all my emails so i have no way to reply to you...
      Can you drop me an email and i'll reply thanks
    2. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Hi Kate, Just to let you know, I sent you a Secret Santa Gift. I couldn't let you go another year without receiving your gift, stupid postal services are crap, My person got my gift yesterday, so hopefully you will of received the present I sent you aswel as they were sent same day and both cost the same in postage, done by recorded too. xxxxxx
    3. xkimxo
      Aww hun i just read your thread that got closed. Please dont leave!!! I like your posts :) I think its got quieter in general down in rodents. I dont post as much as i did anymore because i worry about posting too much and people will be like 'not that bloody kim again', plus im still pretty new. I do hope you get better soon though and i hope to see more post from you and i need to see pics of the meeces you gave a brilliant home too :D x x x
    4. niki87
      Yeah mone are good thanks. Awww bless her...glad she got through the op and here's to hoping the cancer stays away!! xx
    5. niki87
      Heya hun!! How's Bay doing? xx
    6. xkimxo
      I shall post some piccies up for you tommorrow, they are doing fab and cant wait for their new mum :) x
    7. B3rnie
      -hugs- You have done nothing wrong xxx
    8. B3rnie
      Glad you're good now hunny :) I just love that he called me narrow minded, it is sooo far from the truth that I actually LOL'd when I read it :lol:
    9. B3rnie
      Hey sweety, just ignore the muppets, we loves you xxx
    10. dizzydani
      Fun Area Leon Small Pet Home: Great Deals on Small Pet Cages at zooplus
    11. Nikkip
      Any joy with your brothers?
    12. metame
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    Mummy to.....
    The bunnies Sydnee Angel
    The hamsters Dexter and Loki
    The gerbils Tilly and Evie
    The mice Lexi, Taya, Keeva and Sula
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