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Puppy Love
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Jan 31, 2017
Jan 10, 2008
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August 17
Beautiful North Devon
Holistic Therapist

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Puppy Love

PetForums Senior, from Beautiful North Devon

Puppy Love was last seen:
Jan 31, 2017
    1. shaunwill
      hi puppy love , maybe a donny fan then hello from a setter owner and lover
    2. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      Hi - no, don't show, but not for want of others asking me to. My two boys are worked in that the older (4yrs) picks up at a local shoot, and younger (9mths) is being trained towards normal pointing and setting type work.
      Nice to meet a forum member who has an Irish Red Setter if not two of them
    3. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      Will write a better hello when not using phone to type.
    4. swarthy
      I don't know how far Ross is from you, but I can recommend a very good vet for hipscoring there :D
    5. bassington
      Hi again, sorry about last night but I had to go out, anyway it was nice to hear from you as we obviously have something in common, two mad dogs. Tia is 9 months old and is just such great fun to be with. I take her out every morning for an hour long run around the park, which doe's quieten her down for most of the afternoon thank god, but I have to play this game of hide and seek every evening an hour before she goes out and then for another half an hour when we come home and I'm cooking my dinner, talk about keeping me on my toes, she does.

      Anyway, please tell me a little bit more about yourself and your pup as because yours is slightly older, I can probably learn a bit from you. Did she come from Sparkwell near Plymouth, if so there is a good chance that somewhere down the line they are related as I have met some one who has three male dogs, one of which is Tia's grandfather and the other is her uncle from the same litter as her mother, small world.

      Looking forwards to hearing your story.

    6. bassington
      Hi Puppy Love, just found your message, I live south of Dartmoor and I don't show her, sorry but must go now, will get back to you okay
    7. SammieEst-93x
      - i dont know you but i found out your birthdat is today : ]
      happy birthday : ]
    8. Ladywiccana
      Hiya, Im not sure when it's on, hun! I've tried googleing it and cant find it lol. If I find out I will let you know!
    9. tashi
      How did you get on at the show??
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    August 17
    Beautiful North Devon
    Holistic Therapist

    My husband, son,


    And they called it.......Puppy Love xxx
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