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Jun 20, 2011
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South Wales butt!
TSA, Wales

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Lady of The Terrors., Female, from South Wales butt!

    1. Indiandpuppy
      I am going to be around from 12ish on Saturday, I can PM you my mobile number x
    2. Indiandpuppy
      Hi, You at Crufts on Saturday or Sunday? :)
    3. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Thanks for the rep :)
    4. noushka05
      Thanks a lot for the rep for the quote.:) x
    5. Hanwombat
      Thank you for the rep lovely :) .. x
    6. Sarah1983
      Thanks for the rep :) And yeah, I've had Metallica stuck in my head for several hours now thanks to that post lol.
    7. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; very kind!! x
    8. Pupcakes
      Take that back OR I'll send Charlie over! Yeah, scared now arent ya?!
    9. lostbear
      Too late! I am mortally offended, hahahahahaha :D
    10. BaileyTerrierThing
      Slightly late but I saw on the Cody thread it's your birthday yesterday
      Happy birthday from me and Canine K9 :D
    11. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thanks, nope can't either!! hope you and yours are well, have a nice weekend,f.b.l, ttfn
    12. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, i see you were having probs veiwing 'likes', i have this prob too, has yours been sorted yet? f.b.l, ttfn
    13. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Thank you for the rep x x
    14. JenKyzer
      Sorry for the delay ! Havin 2 dogs is fab, i love it :) makes it nicer to think that Willow couldnt even stand another dog this time last year. How are you and the terrors? x
    15. cbrookman
      Well I think Pen y fan pond is over rated. Only a short walk round the pond and usually full of other dogs and lots of litter in warmer weather. I would stick to Penallta if I was you.
    16. cbrookman
      Hi Pupcakes. Do you use the car park at Penallta or Pen y fan pond or any of the other country parks in Caerphilly? If you do they are thinking of introducing a charge to park. Objections to this can be forwarded to lewish@caerphilly.gov.uk before 25 April. Please let any other dog walker friends you may have aware of this so that more people raise objections to stop this happening.
    17. turkeylad
      :thumbup1::thumbup1:YES VEGAN:thumbup1::thumbup1:
    18. cbrookman
      Yes it was me, I was up there yesterday, had a lovely time as weather was beautiful. Didn't see you though! Today I went to Parc Cwm Darran which was great too and found a lovely new walking spot which I intend to explores again soon. May see you soon.
    19. Alice Childress
      Alice Childress
      I saw her and instantly thought of you and what you'd said you were looking for :) She's got such a lovely face as well.
    20. Alice Childress
      Alice Childress
      Weren't you looking for an older, female, calm lab? I think you said you'd decided against it after all but, um, ahem *coughs* Pepsi (Mayhew Animal Home, London) » Oldies Club *coughs* :cool:
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  • About

    South Wales butt!
    TSA, Wales
    I am a friendly person who is passionate about animal welfare and a proud Vegan. I love talking to other doggy fanatics and PetForums is my favourite place to talk canine!

    My fiancé and dogs who are both loved equally! Although Charlie loves Owain more than me! Driving, drawing, going for walks with Dottie and Charlie...and eating!


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