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Feb 9, 2015
Mar 2, 2009
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poshmog was last seen:
Feb 9, 2015
    1. VickyF
      i'm really happy i bought a tweed show jacket for the new season!booked for a few local shows now.
    2. VickyF
      Hi hope your pony has got rid of lami.found out Rambo has 2 wolf teeth at top but vet said don't need them out unless bothering him.Ram has another problem he has 2 bald spots,one large patch between left ear and mane and one further along mane so will have to sort him out tomorrow when got some lice/mites spray.hope it gets better for shows!have got some good pics of Ram and his freinds to post when get round to it.
    3. VickyF
      sorry just realised already told you about Macclesfield.=p
    4. VickyF
      poor pony ,Rams having farrier on Saturday his hoof has chipped.Have found a show at Macclesfield in June.good luck for Stoneleigh =]
    5. VickyF
      hi,had a good time at Mottram show.There were a few 1yr old mini's one called Reggie thought he was a dog and jumped up at me.nearly had to steward cobs but she didnt need me after all.Rambo should have some fur soon so he can go to Macclesfield in June.he has shiny shoulders where its coming through.
    6. DKDREAM
      Bless him hes very striking would love to know more about him.
    7. DKDREAM
      your cat in the avater is lovley!
    8. Acacia86
      Hi PM i hadn't realised you had replyed!! You wrote on your on profile lol!! Don't worry i did too until someone told me lol! x Glad you are keeping well. x
    9. LadyRedLainey
      Really lovely profile piccy!, gorgeous little pony to! Your Grandson must have a great time at his nanny's house.
      thanks for the add :-)
    10. poshmog
      Just relaxing at moment -chuffed at moment ,got 3 new friends ,and I know what blobs are now !!! lol x
    11. Acacia86
      Hiya! How are you?? x
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