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Feb 22, 2009
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Sunny Dorset!!

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PetForums Senior, from Sunny Dorset!!

    1. Hb-mini
      Hiya!! Just wanted to say.....Poppy is adorable!!! xx
    2. Matrix/Logan
      Thank you for saying Logan is gorgeous, i think so too but then i am a little biased!! LOL
      Your little poppy is a little darling too, she reminds me of one of my previous dogs called 'Scamp', she was a black version of poppy!
    3. candysmum
      aww thanks they are hard work thats for sure but i would be lost without them
    4. sammyben
      Thanks very much - your dog looks cute too! What breed is s/he?
    5. Bobbysgirl
      Thank you, your Poppy is adorable too.
    6. DoubleTrouble
      Thank you! that is a very nice comment! I shall tell my dogs in the morning - they send you licks i'm sure, just little guy is pretty nice too
    7. LadyRedLainey
      Hiya, thanks for your friends request :-)
      We would love a Jack Russell or a little westie (along those lines) I seen a Jack Russell on gumtree which had a doberman colouring it was so sweet lol!. I would really love to go to a rescue center and get a dog, but i do not drive, so it is a little bit more difficult, and most of the rescue dog sites specify that 'are not allowed to go to a home with young children' :-( so it does make our chances slim. But time will tell though, i hope we get one soon, i love dogs so much as well as cats, he/she would slip right into our family nicely.
      Hope your keeping well, thanks again :-) xx
    8. Lily's Mum
      Lily's Mum
      Thank you for the friendship request.
    9. LadyRedLainey
      Hiya, just had a look at your albums, really great pictures! lovely cats and dog. We are hoping to get a dog soon, we have a kitten at the moment, it is nice to see you have both cats and a dog.
    10. DevilDogz
      Aww thank you :D i have 11 more dogs but them to our just mine not me mums hehe
      your dog is a cuties too kerry xx
    11. foxxy cleopatra
      foxxy cleopatra
      helllllo :) your pictures are SO cute...hmm i may have to comment :D
    12. DevilDogz
      Thank you for the friends request :D..! lovely pup you have kerry x x
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    Sunny Dorset!!


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