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Oct 15, 2020 at 1:25 PM
Oct 26, 2011
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polishrose was last seen:
Oct 15, 2020 at 1:25 PM
    1. metame
      aw thanks for the rep :)
    2. StormyThai
      Cheers for the rep hunny :)
    3. honeybabylove
      hi hows the new doggy doing hope alls well x
    4. dorrit
      Thanks for the rep...
      Its not that I dont welcome good news but the hype and hysteria just gets annoying..
    5. simplysardonic
      Thanks for the rep, only just noticed it xxxx
    6. Bloodraine5252
      If your ever up my way there's always somewhere for you to stay :)
    7. Bloodraine5252
      Thanks for the rep. I think your a good person, I really don't think you deserved what you have just went through. Really hope you well for the future xxx
    8. cheekyscrip
      sorry I did not get in touch earlier...but I am thinking of you and yours..just hugs for all and I love , love siighthoungs...ever wanted a whippet or podenco andaluz...(sorry for a random message)
    9. IrishEyes
      Hi, thanks for the rep polish, I wish you well on your journey. x
    10. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep just spotted it x
    11. kodakkuki
      thanks :)
      i'm actually starting to think that she just doesn't have a clue as to how bad she messed up... it's tragic really, considering i remember her saying shes doing the same ANA course as me :(
    12. JAChihuahua
      hiya thanks for the rep xx
    13. simplysardonic
      Thankyou for the rep :) xx
    14. SnazzyJazzy
      kittens wont be long now :) I reckon we shall have babies by the end of the week fingers crossed :0
    15. zany_toon
      I hope that your back isn't as sore today :( (((hug))) It looks like your fluffies are enjoying having you back though - I love their photos :D
    16. zany_toon
      :p I think some where hot would be the best option - as far away from the cold winds and rain as possible!!! I'm glad you are doing better though :)
    17. zany_toon
      Hey hun, I missed your thread about going back into hospital and coming out again :( I hope that you are feeling better now :)
    18. thedogsmother
      Oooh I know that feeling "have I got all your dirty laundry", "yes Muuuummm". Funny how when I go in their rooms there is suddenly a ton of the stuff that someone has shoved into anywhere to avoid putting it in the baskets :(
    19. thedogsmother
      I wish I lived nearer :(. Take care anyway and dont do the things that can wait x
    20. thedogsmother
      Eeek woman, what are you playing at, the ironing will wait, get yourself rested. When do you get your results back? Its enough looking after the animals when you feel poorly, without kids and a house to see to isnt it :(.
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    Nina, Mimi & Mochi (cats) and Saja (dog)

    Farewell to all those at rainbow bridge. I miss you all
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