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Mar 13, 2014
Nov 23, 2009
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Milton Keynes UK

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PetForums VIP, from Milton Keynes UK

Polimba was last seen:
Mar 13, 2014
    1. Trude
      Hi where about in Milton Keynes do you live? I live in Giffard park, Milton Keynes.
      I will be starting work as a care worker at weekends as soon as my crb check comes through.
      I am looking for dog walker job Monday to Friday. I have a golden retriever her name is Pippa she will be 4 in May. I am at home all day. I look forward to taking Pippa on her long morning walks she loves it.
    2. Milliepoochie
      Jeez she isn't getting it is she **facepalm**.
    3. Mulish
      Thanks for rep. I can't quite believe anyone would think that was a reasonable response.
    4. Milliepoochie
      Millie is dead to the world - We went on a 2 hour walk at 4pm eeek. Poor puppy is pooped out. She went swimming again! lol Still all stuffed after our Harvester indulgence hehe :-) x x
    5. Milliepoochie
      Definitely not - Lol. But certainly should be giving out advice like 'they may not have insurance'. Just because they dont bother it doesn't make it acceptable :-(.
    6. Milliepoochie
      Omg that person is quite literally unbelievable!! Maybe you dont need insurance if you do it for the love of dogs
    7. Animal Pastel
      Animal Pastel
      Thanks - just viewed your website. Some great images, especially the 'action' shots. Excellent
    8. Milliepoochie
      She was exhausted. By the last 5 minutes she was going very slow and steady lol As in I managed to run ahead of her! But as soon as she knocked 3 poles we both knew to call it a day. Millie still isnt used to jumping completely full height for the whole lesson esp with no breaks between runs to watch others. I was on a proper little high last night when we got home. I was so proud of her :-) x
    9. Milliepoochie
      Hehe Bless her. It was really cold last night to ;-) Evil you hehe :-) She looks beautiful :-) Millie is exhausted after agility 35 minutes non stop lol We finished early as she knocked 3 jumps in a row bless her - She is used to having a break when someone else is running. x x
    10. Milliepoochie
      Love the picture of Princess Polly :-) x x
    11. willa
      So sorry for the loss of your Dad :( xx
    12. gooner1
      Hi thanks for your response, I used the paste and have put him on some new food Gelert. Have you heard of it .
      I used to live in MK
    13. Polimba
      Sorry I forgot to reply. My Twitter is LadyGooner
    14. dobermummy
      Hiya, just seen you are on twitter :) pm me your @name and ill follow you :D
    15. Pitterpatter2009
      sorry for the very late reply haha i have a bsd gsd and a patterdale :o)
    16. Polimba
      It's really hard, one of the reasons we had Zimba done was because of the in season bitches around. I found it very stressful and I think he did too. Zimba had the injection, which did help a bit. The lab thing s difficult because there are so many, it sounds like Zilo doesn't like the in your face greetings. Is it just male labs or females too?
    17. Dogless
      All is fine - apart from our labrador dramas :eek:. Thanks for answering - I don't mind if you do or don't, I'm forever asking questions :o. Have been toying with idea of superlorin because of the amount of in season bitches walked around here too. Difficult to know what to do for the best!
    18. Coffee
      Thanks for the rep, only just noticed it! :)
    19. Dogless
      Morning! Can I ask another daft question? Please don't feel that you have to answer these! At what age did Zim start to get grumpy with other males? Last night Kilo met a young male pointer - they met very stiffly (offlead) the pointer growled at Kilo and he decided to have a barking fit at the pointer so I had to take him away and put him on lead. Similar happened with a young male bichon; he didn't 'start' the handbags each time but used to just ignore such things. That said, a male lab runs over to us frequently here barking and growling and Kilo just tucks his tail and gets frightened so :confused:. Does Zim bark or just have a bit of a growl?
    20. Dogless
      Thanks, he does look fine, verging on skinny to me...was just having one of those 'doubt' moments!! Just been looking at your thread and Zim looks as if he has lost weight to me. He really is maturing too isn't he - getting a really 'adult' head? Really looking lovely and very well behaved too!! x Kilo buggered off after some dogs playing today. First time we've had a recall fail in ages. Never mind!! x
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