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Jul 25, 2011
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    1. SixStar
      Oops sorry to pester, there's no rush :o I'd like 6 of the baby powder ones, and 2 each of peach, cotton and fruit blast please xx
    2. SixStar
      Any idea when the wax melts will be back in stock yet? Sorry, impatient I know! :o xx
    3. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; you clearly do a hard job too - very rewarding though I think x
    4. SixStar
      Thanks for the rep - aren't we just dreadful owners?! :rolleyes: xx
    5. Panele
      hello,thank you for accepting my friend request :)
    6. GoldenShadow
      Mine do do the lamb bones but they're usually bigguns not little uns. I got three little lamb spine sections from NI which are in the freezer and would last a while. I will have to keep an eye out. I can get duck wings once in a while too supplier down in Kent does them and I see Vicki often enough to make her get me some haha ;)
    7. GoldenShadow
      Availability of duck feet/chicken feet isn't great my way. Chicken wings and necks will be no problem though. To be honest most of the boney meals mine get are from trotters or chicken carcasses they tend to get other proteins from chunks most of the time. I'm a bit miffed with suppliers lately. This was why I did a massive NI order, they had 30% off and everyone else is just making me have a tantrum with price increases or delivery charge increases and no notice..! Doing my dissertation on the area I am I just feel like we get so exploited by a lot of them :rolleyes:

      Having one freezer which holds just over 30kgs I have to order regularly really but going to look into some abattoirs in the new year I think. If I could get tripe locally I would be sorted but I face an hour drive at the moment for it and even then supply is unreliable.
    8. GoldenShadow
      Lovely, thanks. Its good to hear of someone who did it quick, even if it was a gaining weight mission too! When I changed Rupert over I did so pretty quick and he was fine but then he's a dodgy dog in most respects so don't exactly want to use him as an example. Little dog will probably look at me in disgust for a while knowing my luck :rolleyes: Will be really weird having a small dog. A pig trotter would be four day's worth of food for her :lol: They're a normal staple in this house, will have to find something that might actually fit in her mouth bar chicken wings :o
    9. GoldenShadow
      Hiya :) Babycham2002 reminded me that you switched Chance onto raw as soon as he got home. Would you mind briefly telling me how quick you went onto what bits? New mini dog is currently kibble fed but naturally I want her on raw ASAP. I've got a 2kg bag of Arden Grange and some Naturediet just in case anything goes horribly wrong. I've got a fair few Natural Instinct minces which I thought might be easier as well. I know some of Vicki's small dog's aren't up for the challenge of hardcore bone crunching on the scale of chicken carcasses..! Hope you're having a good weekend :) xx
    10. SixStar
      I see! :lol: I don't venture into general chat so I didn't see it - very amusing!
    11. SixStar
      What have I missed? Why is there an infestation of giraffes in avatars and signatures of late?! :D
    12. GoldenShadow
      I saw email and emptied, message me now :)
    13. Canine K9
      Canine K9
    14. SixStar
      Pleased to hear it :) x
    15. Waterlily
    16. CaliDog
      we have got to stop blobbing like this people will start to talk :lol:
    17. CaliDog
      Thanks for The Blob :p
    18. Lola71
      Loving your new signature....very cool cartoon!
    19. GoldenShadow
      Welcome! I love that as a reference thread. I've still not gone back to my lamb heads yet :laugh: Need to build myself up a bit I think Singing:
    20. cinnamontoast
      The big yellow collars-are they just very wide so as not to rub? Never seen such wide ones before....?
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