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Feb 8, 2013
Jun 15, 2010
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Feb 8, 2013
    1. n1ven
      Hi there,

      Lovely dog by the way!

      We are looking at getting a Cockerpoo but it seems everyone is an expert on who not to buy from but few people seem to be able to confirm which breeders are reputable and likely to provide us with the best quality pet.

      We have looked at Wentwood, however I am sceptical of peoples opinions of it being a puppy farm.

      We have been to visit Martinshaw Kennels and were impressed.

      Just wondered where you got yours from and if you have any advice for us relating to UK breeders?


    2. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Just dropping by to say Hello and hope all's well with you? :-)
    3. carebear
      they are very funny, they dont think to go around things, its funny when i feed them on the kitchen floor because when there feet get wet they slide all over the place
    4. carebear
      hi there if you havent found my album yet click my profile, right hand side of the screan and you will find it
    5. ploddingon
      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I have had a look and there is one not far away. I'll give them a ring late and see what they do. Thanks again :)
    6. BigBearsRule
      Are there no KC classes near you, ones where u can do Bronze, Silver and Gold goodcitizen awards? Can find details on them from KC website. I have done them with my Newfies and have just started doing it with my 8 month old St Bernard. Plenty of walking in circles but absolutely no running.
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