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Feb 2, 2020
Nov 30, 2009
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PetForums Senior, from Buxton

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Feb 2, 2020
    1. MissusMayhem
      new rocks!! lol
      love your pics .... how cute is ur pup!! :D xxxxx
    2. Jason1
      hi, i have been looking for days on the internet to see if my dog had been found and after seeing you post on the forums i knew it was him before i seen the pic of him he is a well loved family dog who is greatly missed as soon as i get up tomorow im gonna phone manchester dogs home thank you so much from me and the kids and Boss (my dog)
    3. Mama Sass
      Mama Sass
      Oh good stuff then! Not long now and he'll be hanging on til 8!
    4. Mama Sass
      Mama Sass
      Hi ya...
      Just wondering how you're getting on letting Tron out for a wee at night? Is he managing to go any longer? More to the point, are you managing to sleep longer?!
    5. Leah84
      exercise isn`t a problem for me as i`m used to long walks with muffin, other than the drooling part they sound similar to springers in nature lol i`m enquiring about an adult so i`ll be able to find out about how it is when left alone (although i`m not out often) one of the reasons we decided on a second dog is cause muffin has separation anxiety so it`ll keep her company. thanks, i`m gonna ring tonight as there was no answer last night, just seen one in the rspca and he didn`t seem to drool very much :)
    6. Leah84
      hey just wondered if you could tell me a bit about boxers?? i`ve seen one advertised near me and was thinking of ringing about it, it`s an older one so puppy stage won`t be a problem. i`ve had so many dogs fall through since i started my search lol do they drool as much as people make out and are they generally good with recall?
    7. leashedForLife
      hey, plabe! :--)
      there are several folks wanting to know about the balcony-dog (since 11-30) -
      is there an update? hoping,
      --- terry
    8. dimkaz
      hi, this week is a bit crazy for me...and next one as well...
      hopefully i will have a bit of peace in the weekend...but i doubt it.
      anyway, if you feel like, i do log on early morning while i am having coffee..post a message when you feel like and we might find a good time .
    9. sketch
      OMG he is as cute as a button, bloody gawjas, hope your having so much fun as the pup stage goes so quickly, you blink and they are all grown up
    10. Plabebob
      Hehe yep that's my favourite too. He's such a cheeky critter he posed for the photo as well!
    11. mashabella
      absolutely gorgeous Tron is!! I particularly like the onbe which is your album cover.. with sponge bob still smiling in a creepy way...as if he got killed so quickly he didn't know he died LOL
    12. sketch
      i cant wait to see tron now he he
    13. sketch
      Martha you big kid.....And just like me, im excited now for you, whoop, keep me posted about everything, have you chosen a name etc, are you ready for this puppy hahaha, life will never be the same again............It will just get better and better
    14. sketch
      Hi Martha, when do you get your puppy now, how long is it, bet your very excited
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