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Sep 8, 2019
May 10, 2010
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Pixie2010 was last seen:
Sep 8, 2019
    1. danielled
      I didn't realise we disabled people weren't allowed to have fun lol.
    2. piggybaker
      hey hun would love to borrow your cage if it alright to do so.. have sent you a pm..
    3. Pixie2010
      No I mustn't :)
    4. babycham2002
      You must!!! Do you think you will ring?
    5. babycham2002
      No sorry, pup's not very crested looking in the face but that might just be cos its not shaved.
      I might know of them if I knew the KC name, but off the top of my head cant think of anyone in Westerham.
    6. babycham2002
      awww I dunno, I just went and had a look at her. She looks tiny, not as robust as David (see my feeble attempt at trying to put you off) xxx
    7. babycham2002
      :) David's lovely isn't he.
      Hope she can make the walk :)
      you're very good, keeping control over the dog. But the right dog will come along at the right time xxx
    8. molly moo
      molly moo
      cant believe your baby one now , molly one in a couple of weeks i cant wait x
    9. Mum2Heidi
      Hows the polti going? I took my mop back and got a more powerful one in the end - 1600w instead of 800. Much better.
    10. First timer
      First timer
      Thank you x She is going to be fine, vet really really pleased with her, eyesight in only eye is already fabulous she followed his tool perfectly and he said for 2 weeks that is great. He said the socket is totally formed and empty and that eye did not even attempt to form so no threat of infection and he said its not in his opinion hereditary ( cant spell lol ) just an unfortunate defect. Hes going to see her at 8 weeks to decide what we can do with the empty socket :)
      He didn't charge and told me to get out before he gets totally attached - really made my day :) thank you so much for your message x
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