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Jun 29, 2011
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    1. catsdogsjay
      That's where I read about Suprelorin. And wanted to know what your experiences are with it. Side effects etc. Whether the specialist will preform ultrasound, more surgery I don't know. I don't want to give her the other drugs as they sound terrible so Suprelorin was the alternative. I can't have her like this for another 10/14 years of her life as well as the stress it causes her brother. The views I have read on Suprelorin seem good but in the UK its used for male dogs and ferrets so I'm not sure the vets will recommend it or not. I wish the research was quicker so we could have a safe answer. Sorry to go on. You don't need to hear all my past history its just that I wanted views on Suprelorin from someone with experience for use in a female cat. Hope you have a good day. Kind Regards, Jay
    2. catsdogsjay
      Hi Pipje,

      I noticed u hav posted a few of times regards Suprelorin implant in ur female cat. I have a 4 yr old female brit shorthair who was spayed 3 yrs ago. After the procedure she went back into heat. hormone tests she was diagnosed with Ovarian Remnant syndrome. We took her to another vets who done surgery to see if they could find any remnant. They thought they did and removed what they found. We thought that was it but a month later she went into heat again. My vet is a lovely lady but she admitted that this is rare so her experience in Ovarian Remnant and doing surgery is limited. She said in the new year if the calling, heat symptoms, restlessness continues and aggression from her neutered brother persists then we can be referred to a specialist. But I know cats go into heat roughly every 3weeks and remains like that for about 2 weeks.So there really isn't much rest between cycles and this could go on for 10/14 years. Causing unwanted stress for my poor girl and her brother.
    3. Asimi
      Hi Pipje
      I'm interested to know if your queen has come back into heat after the temporary contraceptive as I'm tempted to try this on my kitten.
      Look forward to hearing from you
    4. wicket
      Hi many thanks for the fantastic information re vaccinations - I wanted to rep you for it but the forum says im not allowed as have already repped you recently :(
    5. vesta
      Hi Pipje! I have just sent you an email to the email given on your website (yes, I found the contact form just after sending it...) Hope you receive it, if not let me know and I will copy it in the contact form... Thanks!
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