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Jul 4, 2012
Feb 6, 2010
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pinklady was last seen:
Jul 4, 2012
    1. pinklady
      Im sure he will be fine, he is a lovely natured dog. Glad to hear you are both doing ok
    2. 5rivers79
      Sam seems to be fine thanks, just about to take him for a walk so will see how he reacts to walking in the same area. Only shame is there is not really any dog around here that i can socialise Sam with and i hope that doesnt turn into a problem.
    3. pinklady
      Ooh hello :o) Yes Chi Chi is a big girl now cant believe how fast the past year has gone. Are you getting another bear in Jan? will look forward to seeing piccys x
    4. Akitaowner
      Hi, Havent been on here in a while lol. can't believe how big chi chi has got!! Rox is the same will post new pics soon, have added u 2 FB get my new puppy on the 12th Jan so looking forward to that.
      Hope ur good x
    5. pinklady
      Hi Ya, its me and my hubby but will change it to the dogs so that you can find me easier!!!!!!
    6. MILLY86
      hey pink lady, whats your profile piccy so i can add you.... im just trying to upload pics of Rocco now! x
    7. Milliepoochie
      That is so terrible about your puppy, my goodness so terribly young! :-(

      It's hard letting go, I want to ring every day if I could but its not fair on Makita's new family. They need space and time to work him out for themselves and to all settle into their new lives. It has been a horrible ordeal but as my OH reminded me last night, we never intended having an Akita, we were not looking for one when we got him but after learning about his plight we had to take him on. (Couldnt live with myself know a healthy 10 month old being PTS because the owner couldnt be bothered to find a rescue place / home for him)! We had him 10 short weeks but wow he touched my heart in those weeks. We giggle daily about his 'woooo woooo woooos' in the morning, his crazy toilet habits and how feline he was in behaviour (rubbing his head against you in greeting). His little antics and manorisms will bring us giggles and stay with us forever - as all our treasured pictures (of which there are hundreds!).
    8. Milliepoochie
      Sorry didnt want to send the thread to off topic, I havnt heard from them this week. I was promised photos soon so am checking email regularly. I want to keep emailing /texting but OH rightly told me to back off and give him and them a chance to settle. I will let you know once Ihave an update. I do know he has a female staffy as a housemate now. I havnt the heart to tel Millie! ;-)
    9. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for letting me know about JAWT :-) I spent hours last night reading up the documents / advice on AKitas online. I registered and posted some pictures of Makita on there and people have been very helpful / supportive. I cant believe I never considered this breed until he literally fell into our arms! :)Cant wait to really bond with him and his personality to really shine through :)
    10. pinklady
      sorry changed my profile pic!!!, its of my Beetle car!!! my email maybe easier to find me by, its ke11ywhite@hotmail.co.uk (take care when writing it in as the LL's are number 1's) look forward to your add x
    11. Akitaowner
      Oh I tried to add you 2 FB but culdn't find ya
    12. Akitaowner
      I have put a few more on but I really need to get my camera sorted for better pics lol
    13. pinklady
      OK will add some more. Add me on Facebook, there are hundreds on there!!!!! Kelly White, profile is Mitch and Chi Chi x
    14. Akitaowner
      We need more pics of Chi Chi :D
    15. pinklady
      I get people crossing the road too :( its annoying really as they wouldnt hurt a fly. So sorry to hear that you are having to rehome you dogs. Have you been in touch with the websites i said about? they are amazing and will not stop until they have done evrything they can to help. maybe someone on there could foster them for a while? Its worth a try :)
    16. Paddygibbo
      They big softys arn't they people cross over when they see me coming with my dogs but their gentle giants I wouldn't want it any other way :)
    17. pinklady
      HI Paddygibbo yes Mitch is male, he is 2 years old and even though he looks intimidating he is a big softy!!!, i had a baby girl but we lost her at 18 weeks due to her having brittle bones :( but my dad bought me an extra special gift for christmas called Chi Chi (meaning my dad) and she is beautiful. Akitas are amazing and i love them all!!!!!!
    18. Paddygibbo
      Hi there I have only just noticed your comment about my Akita thank you ! your Akita is the same colour as mine but his head is completely different I take it he is a Male because he looks very big, bigger than mine lovely dog he looks very intimidating though hahaha
    19. rosella22
      good morning pink its a lovely morning here rose
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