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Apr 16, 2014
Jun 4, 2010
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July 9
Arlesey, bedfordshire

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PetForums VIP, from Arlesey, bedfordshire

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Apr 16, 2014
    1. Indiandpuppy
      Marnie is 12 weeks :) she is lovely too haha
    2. Indiandpuppy
      I found someone with the same breed as me :) I have a cocker spaniel x jack russell :) xxx
    3. Rolacolacube
      You're very welcome :) :) xx
    4. IndysMamma
      have just encouraged her to start a happier thread about Harley and see if we can get people onto a 'find a vet' crusade rather than a berate crusade ;)
    5. IndysMamma
      thank you for the rep :) after things that we see on here sometimes it is so easy to become cynical but I would like to give people the benefit of doubt sometimes - sometimes you make rash decisions or trust people you see in a position of 'authority' when you shouldn't and berating someone for that is counter intuitive - if we keep her and educate her we can prevent it from happening again
    6. WhippetyAmey
      Haha yeah that's absolutely fine! Look forward to seeing them all :D
    7. WhippetyAmey
      Hiya! Merlin just wanted to say thank you for Walter for accompanying him on the walk today, and he enjoyed it very much! He can't wait to get Walt back when his all big and strong for the nips today!! :)
    8. Milliepoochie
      I saw Lola has gone to your mums :-) How did the transition go? Is Lola settling in well? Hope Walty is getting on well - :-) Loving all the extra cuddles and attention :-) x x
    9. Milliepoochie
      Ahh Thank You - I had a extra afternoon off - it was truely heaven. I hope your also getting a chance to relax slightly on all your travels - Sounds like very tiring work. Hoping to go to Woburn Woods this weekend :-) Polimba introduced us to them - beautiful walks and very dog friendly :-). Hope you get a chance to start enjoying the weather soon - Must be much less muddier around the blue lagoon than when we last went haha x x
    10. Milliepoochie
      Hope all is well :-) Fab now the evenings are pulling out isnt it :-) And that you can see where your walking on morning walks again :-) Im now able to take Millie to the hills in the morning which is fantastic - Well the mornings I make it up early enough lol. x x
    11. missnaomi
      I clean ours in the same way...but even when they're totally clean she still snorts a lot - and snores loads, the vet did say she was definitely over-bred, but she was a rescue kitty so we didn't really choose her as such...I'd definitely get one again if I was looking to get a cat in the future - they're a lovely breed and the best with the dogs. Where were yours from?
      Sorry for all the questions - it's just that I haven't seen anyone else that has one!! Naomi xx
    12. missnaomi
      All your pets are gorgeous. How do you find your exotics eyes and breathing...we have a rescue girl and she struggles a bit, but has a fab personality. I've fallen for the breed a little I think... xx
    13. Milliepoochie
      The Ashridge meet is looking Fab now :-) Sooo many people! :-) Glad to see you got to Germany in one piece - Your text made me giggle this morning hehe
    14. Milliepoochie
      You must be excited now!!! One sleep :-) x x
    15. Milliepoochie
      She has just moved from footstool to sofa lol its such a hard life!! She was tired walking home, to tired to carry her tennis ball lol :-) Hope Lo and Walt are providing some nice cuddles to :-) x x x
    16. Milliepoochie
      I took Millie to Barton hills with hubby tonight after our walk - She is cream crackered lol. Has been asleep on sofa for the last 4 hours :-) Tranquil! We will definately have to save the cars parking locaton in GPS next time and then try and find the 'loop' :-) x x
    17. Richmatty11
      Is your whippet good on walkies. Can you have it off lead for runs
    18. Richmatty11
      I see you've got a wippet. You just said hello on my little beagle page. How's the wippet then they are my face dogs I really want one but my other half doesn't like them. What he/she like x
    19. Phoenix&Charlie'sMum
      Just seen your post, Milo is stunning!!! I love my pointy nose doggies, do you have any more pics of him??
    20. Pets2luv.webs.com
      She is really lovely and she isnt as big as I thought. Love the picture with her twin looks just like her! ; )
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    July 9
    Arlesey, bedfordshire


    Walter - Whippet
    Lola- American cocker x Jack Russell
    Ruby-Exotic Long hair
    Pepper- Persian
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