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Sep 16, 2013
Apr 6, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from London

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Sep 16, 2013
    1. archielee
      Thats fab she getting on better now... we will have to meet up soon... did you get you meet Skye's brother yet
    2. archielee
      Hey hun how you and Skye going
    3. Allana
      Hey yeah we have him home now, it was the best news we could have wished for in the situation. They have given him a splint because of where the fracture is. So no op's or casts. He's to go back on Friday. X
    4. lianne86
      Thanks sweetie! I keep forgetting to update with new pics lol........
    5. lianne86
      new pics of kya and loki on my profile:) xxxx
    6. Allana
      Thanks luv, we hardly slept at all last night. i'm keeping everything crossed that he just needs a plaster cast. I'm worried about the anaesthetic if he needed an op because he is so small. :( x
    7. Allana
      I'm really really hoping he only needs a plaster cast and not an op, if that's the case then I would hope tomorrow. So I'm keeping everything crossed x x
    8. Allana
      Just had the vet on the phone he hasn't xray'd tonight but he has given him pain relief and splinted up his leg. The vet said he is very bright and happy considering so I feel a little better after his phone call. X
    9. Allana
      Hey, ah he's doing great. He's so much fun! We totally love having him. He is so good as well, he has settled in so well, becoming a right cheeky little monkey! We have been down the beach and up the forest, he loves being outside! X
    10. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi..... just a little update on Anouk.... my new baby.... She is doing fantastically, considering both Ken and I have been floored for 3 days with the dreaded Norro Virus !!! She sleeps all night, peacefully, thank goodness as I havent had any energy to get up 2 or 3 times through the night !! Collects everything that moves and takes it to her bed which has become a little den for everything.... including my slippers at every opportunity!!.Loves to cuddle in on my Lap or shoulder or chest which I just love.... She is now chasing after Conoch (GSD) everywhere but knows to stand back from Kai (Malamute).... who is just loving evey time he walks by her bed he pinches one of the chews !!! he has managed to digest 2 Nylobones !!!! Hopefully the training will start soon when I get my strength back.... Hows everything with you ?? x
    11. archielee
      Thats good she is better with dogs now, well this is so a klee kai thing (not the barking just the getting upset by some people and they back away), i would start with people saying hello to her by stroking her under her ching not over her head, if she starts barking i would frow the keys on the ground, when she is being good with people i would say good girl and give her a treat, hope that helps hun
    12. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the rep x
    13. Lady3131

      Sorry, just saw your message about pee pads!!

      With our little one we took pee pads out with us for a while. Once she was going outside we cut them into quarters and took little slips out with us so we could eventually phase them out. We also put a command to it "be clean" and so she now goes on command.

      When we are out she will let a little squeak as she wants the pee-pads but we have stopped bringing them with us. So when this happens I use the command "be clean" and she knows it is ok for her to go.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

    14. Terr
      Hey, thanks for replying! I'm kind of a nightlife person and don't want to be too far out. Also campus is right by Shepherd's bush and work will be central/SoHo as I work in retail club promotion.

      I was thinking about Acton/Ealing or if I push my budget perhaps Islington (Angel?). Acton area looks nice as there's lots of parks for the dog to play around in :) have to fit my life around the dog after all. I'm only looking for a 1 bedroom and as I'm sharing with the OH our rent can be probably anything under 1k per month. Really seems hard to find anywhere that'll allow us to have a dog, even offering to put down a larger deposite or down-payment. :(
    15. hannahg
      Hi hun, thanks for the update.. that woman just sounds awful! I hope they went to good homes.. is your Grandad looking for a pup now then? How are Skye and Dascha?
    16. Maiisiku
      He's doing great :)
    17. huskylover23
      hi lovely. they are doing good. got a nice little friendship now and miss each other when apart. im sure when ladys leg is better they will be play fighting all day :). how is skye? i saw your pics lovely:thumbup:
    18. Allana
      Hiya, just dropping by to see how you and skye are getting on? xx
    19. archielee
      I dont mind hun you pick i can come up you way if you like
    20. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey hun.... thanks for the update..... these pups were a little bit dodgy from day one......Only two more weeks then little Anouk will be coming home with us.... cant wait.... pamx
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    My name is Jodie, I am a big animal lover. I own two budgies named Popo and Pika and a beautiful grey and white Alaskan Klee Kai called Skye. I am currently a student studying English and History.

    Spending time with family, friends and pets.


    :001_wub: My evergrowing family:001_wub:

    Skye - Alaskan Klee Kai, 3 years old
    Echo - Alaskan Klee Kai, 2 years old
    Extended family:
    Dascha - Heinz 57, 14 years old
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