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Sep 16, 2013
Apr 6, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from London

pika was last seen:
Sep 16, 2013
    1. hannahrose
      hello, your dogs are SO cute! do you know of any reputable breeders which will have any klee kai pups available in the near future? Thank you! x
    2. LouJ69
      Hey Hun, just saw that you're getting a new AKK, any pics?
    3. GoldenShadow
      Thanks for the rep I've only just spotted it..! :) x
    4. My lil Babies
      My lil Babies
      Thank you. I'd really like to come on this one. Hopefully it's on a day I can get there OK.
    5. Cassia
      Yeah, I think we try to arrange them once a month or so :)
      So there will be plenty more!
      Thankyou, he's my pride and joy!
      x x
    6. Cassia
      Was lovely meeting you today!
      Skye is BEAUTIFUL!
      X x X
    7. Fleur
      Just letting you know - I've posted some more pics on the Langley photo thread
    8. The3DChis
      Hiya, thanks so much.
      I think i saw some on ebay cause i managed to see the name on Skye's one. lol
      She is beautiful by the way!
    9. The3DChis
      Hi there hope you dont mind me asking, but where did you get the harness Skye was wearing in the pics when you all met up?
      I think my man may like that kind for the huskies.
    10. Fleur
    11. Eroswoof
      Hi skye, buddy!

      It's Bumble!

      I spose you've nosetised that me and Kenzie are boy and girl dog, and Jet and Willow are, but busters beaned soooooooo picksky :glare:

      I was just wonderink - have you notised how cleva and hamsom Buster is? He knows EVERY FINK!!!!!! He knows alllllll the critters, and we alls turns to him wiv a problem :yesnod:

      He's real quick, too, he goes to gility and plays and all sorts Singing: I was just wonderinks if you'd fort of him likes that Singing:

      I've spoked to him abouts it and he's neva been intrested in no dog bepaw, but he seems differunt wiv you :w00t:

      Busters a real catch :yesnod: xxxx
    12. tripod
      thanks for the rep :-)
    13. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Im sure your get her sorted, I had set backs too, worked for months with one of mine,got him virtually straight then had him neutered at 14/15mths then he went backwards again. but he did come right in the end with more work, so Im sure she will too.
    14. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep hope it helps.
    15. boojade
      Merry Christmas x
    16. hannahg
      Awh I love the pics, she's gorgeous, looks just like her mummy! Hope she and Dascha are doing good?x
    17. Terr
      What breed of dog is Skye? The name is on the tip of my tongue! OH and I want to get another dog when my lab matures fully and she's been going on about getting a husky, I downright told her she can jog with it for 2 hours a day if she wanted one lol. But Skye's like a mini husky and more beautiful anyway :P
    18. archielee
      Yes will all have to meet up soon....i know just when you think you are getting there somethink pops up
    19. hannahg
      I agree, more pics hun, I love the one of the other forum, but quite small!x
    20. archielee
      :)Oh and we need more pics:)
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    My name is Jodie, I am a big animal lover. I own two budgies named Popo and Pika and a beautiful grey and white Alaskan Klee Kai called Skye. I am currently a student studying English and History.

    Spending time with family, friends and pets.


    :001_wub: My evergrowing family:001_wub:

    Skye - Alaskan Klee Kai, 3 years old
    Echo - Alaskan Klee Kai, 2 years old
    Extended family:
    Dascha - Heinz 57, 14 years old
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