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Mar 23, 2014
Jan 21, 2012
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June 16

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PetForums Member, from Surrey

piglet2003 was last seen:
Mar 23, 2014
    1. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      Aw it will take a lot of time for her to recover as you say but at least she's eating even if its only a little! Bless her! Sending big (((hugs))) to you both xxx
    2. Oscars mam
      Oscars mam
      Thanks for the rep :) hope missy is a little better today xx
    3. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep, that was very sweet of of you. :)

      I hope the building work is not sending you TOOOOOOOO crazy.... :o
    4. Waterlily
      thanks for the rep :) x
    5. piglet2003
      I am totaly mad and talk to anyone unless they are sane. Still trying to figure out how to put photo's up LOL..
    6. MoggyBaby

      You get free delivery on orders over £19 and they do a points scheme too which can get you some other goodies. :)

      I hope this all helps but do feel free to ask any questions. :)
    7. MoggyBaby

      Bozita Canned Food 12 x 410 g: Great Deals on Bozita Cat Food at zooplus

      Animonda Cat Food deals at zooplus: Mixed Savings pack Animonda Carny Adult 12 x 400 g

      Cat Food Deals at zooplus - Smilla Savings Pack 24 x 400 g at zooplus

      I feed my four 3x a day - one of the above tins between them at morning & bed-time and a tin of butchers at tea-time. The above tins are SOOOOOO meaty, and such good quality, that this is more than enough.

    8. MoggyBaby
      "All my cat's are feed Butchers choice and they all have fresh cooked meat on a Sunday. What would be the best cheapest food to feed the other two at the moment i spend about £25 per week on cat food for my 4."

      I can only post 1000 characters here so this info will be split over two messages.

      I have 4 cats and pay about £75 a month for food so I'm saving approx £25 than you. :)

      May I suggest the following web-site which most of us here on the forum buy our food from:

      Pet Supplies, Pet Food, Dog Food, Cat Food and Pet Accessories at Zooplus

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    June 16
    Totaly mad but trying to be more grown up sort of. Well when you get to a certain age you really should stop getting your knickers caught on fencing. So if i don't get locked in anywhere i won't need to climb a fence so shouldn't get my knickers caught (it is quite painfull hanging by knicker elastic). I love to have a laugh and go out when i can.

    Trying to learn to sew at the moment but still trying to work out how to use a sewing machine sad but true.
    Love Starbucks frappuccino.
    Playing hunt the slipper which everyday one of the cats takes and hides.
    Meeting new friends :)
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