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Nov 19, 2013
Nov 8, 2010
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pici2 was last seen:
Nov 19, 2013
    1. pici2
      There are no news of my dog- I am posting a new picture of him every day on facebook and am asking people to circulate and post on their walls. I would appreciate help with getting his details out there so that there is pressure on the b...s who stole him.
    2. willa
      Has your Dog been found yet ? Shocked they broke into your House & took him !! :(

      God i hope he's found safe & ok xxxx
    3. pici2
      NO- I am still up printing new posters and have addressed 30 envelopeds to all vets in a 25 mile radius- I had called them but now I am sending them a picture. I am slowly reaching the end of my wits. No more brilliant ideas and now it is a waiting game which i am not good at. It is the not knowing that is so bad. it keeps me awake at nigt=ht and ihave to function the next day at work. If the person who took him just came forward, I give him a reward and I have my baby back!!! It seems as unlikely as winning the lottery...
    4. Cavalierlover123
      Any luck with ur dog ? :)
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