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Jul 31, 2018
Jun 13, 2012
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East Midlands

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PetForums VIP, from East Midlands

Phoolf was last seen:
Jul 31, 2018
    1. Dogloverlou
      So good to meet you & the gorgeous Targ at the Redditch and District Canine Society show :) Was meaning to come say bye to you after our class as I know you was sitting at the top of the hill next to us at one point, but I think you'd left/moved on by then.
    2. SixStar
      Tried to reply to your PM but your inbox is full! :)
    3. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Thanks ill have to clear it lol :o I couldn't have a boy. Bailey can be aggressive to large males :(
    4. babycham2002
      You should have started receiving your victims I mean recipients and by the end of the night everyone will have their's plus a copy of the rules.

      Please if you haven't already done so can you add your likes/dislikes to the thread here
    5. Zaros
      Quite surprised that the self professed resident canine guru hasn't jumped on your thread Re:development of Targ and the promotion of the Tornjak.

      Perhaps she's already contacted you in private. :001_unsure:

      Still quite surprised she hasn't had a go at you publicly about it. :yesnod:

      Regards Zaros.
    6. Labradoodlemad
      I absolutely love the photo of your white and black dog ... Bitch or dog .... Every time I see it on your signature I think the same thing 'what a lovely happy looking dog!!'
    7. Goldstar
      Thanks for the rep x
    8. lostbear
      Thank you. I was rather brutal on my first post, but I get so annoyed with the dog ALWAYS being held responsible. There are some horrible kids out there - more than there are horrible dogs IMO. xxx
    9. Quinzell
      Thank you for the rep - it was a pleasure to be Kes's SS :)
    10. GoldenShadow
      How are you and Kes doing at the mo? Good I hope :)
    11. missRV
      Welcome hun, fab post! x
    12. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep.
    13. GoldenShadow
      You are! Just not got time to do spreadsheet updating at the mo! :o
    14. IrishEyes
      Good evening,

      I've just now found your reply to our conversation we had a while back.. it's on here rather than my page so I didn't spot it! I just don't want you to think that I completely ignored it!

      I hope that you are kes are well. x
    15. ouesi
      LOL! I just saw what you did instead :D
    16. ouesi
      *evil grin*

      I see you have been corrected your punctuation.
      Maybe you need to tell him that "by the way" does not have an "e" in the "by" :D
      I dare you :p
    17. Phoolf
      I agree, and thanks for the very nice compliment. :)

      I'm lucky with my health so far, but I've worked in the NHS with hundreds of people with fibro and have seen the toll it can take, I'm glad yours is just mild right now, I feel awful for people who find it so debilitating constantly, especially with the added pressure of it being an excluded diagnosis (hope thats the term, I've had a cocktail or two - a diagnosis due to lack of findings anyway) and all the ridiculous stigma and prejudice many people face. I've not come across that blog, will definitely have a read. As for the hypermobility mine isn't so bad but I easily tear muscles and cause myself strains all the time, Kes pulled my shoulder just the other day and I can't lean on that side without a lot of pain because it takes a long time to heal from over extending and causing injury. One downside of a strong mutt I suppose, but it could be worse. :) x
    18. IrishEyes
      Very true and it is interesting, but I think that once you reach a certain age you should be able to see right from wrong and be able to stand back and not get drawn in. I would have thought that your post would have been enough to make even a few see sense but I'm not sure that it has, sadly. The world needs more hearts like yours, with a sense of moral justice and not afraid to say what others cannot see, or don't want to see.

      Fibro isn't very nice but I'm very lucky in that it's not nearly as bad as it can be, but the flare up's knock me a bit. I've read a bit on hypermobility and only seem to have it mild in my arms and thumbs but I hear that it can be very painful depending on the severity. I don't know if you have ever come across this Benefit Scrounging Scum tis very interesting and gives a really good insight into living with severe hypermobility. x
    19. IrishEyes
      You're welcome, I think that when a number of people hold the same views on someone, it may be hard to see that your/their actions may not be very nice, after all everyone else is doing it... bullying is bullying no matter how many are on your side.

      I hope that makes sense, my fibro has flared up again lately hence why I've been so quiet on here.. my eyes aren't working properly so I may be chatting nonsense!
    20. IrishEyes
      I hope you don't mind me messaging you. I haven't been around PF much lately and was catching up in general chat when the "am I over reacting" thread caught my eye. I read the whole thing and was shocked and saddened to see such bullying being allowed. I can't believe that the mods let that go on for as long as they did and then comment that it was a bit late to say it was bullying!

      When one or two start bullying on here, it would seem that others just follow their lead, feed off them and it steam rolls from there.

      Like you, I'm neither here nor there with tink, but to gang on and bully as they did speaks volumes...

      It's disgusting behaviour and the mods should have locked that thread a long time ago...

      I just want to say that your post was brilliant, I have repped you but that doesn't seem like much...

      Enjoy the rest of your day.
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    East Midlands




    Targ (Tacker Zlatna Sapa) the Tornjak - http://tornjakuk.webs.com/
    Kes - Wondermutt
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