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Dec 27, 2014
Apr 6, 2013
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Wirral, England
Not what I should be doing, that's for sure :-(

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PetForums Senior, from Wirral, England

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Dec 27, 2014
    1. NaomiM
      Just realised I don't think I ever thanked you for the rep you gave me! Many thanks, and sorry it's late!
    2. alan g a
      alan g a
      Thank you for your rep. I know that man is not responsible for ALL of the problems in this world, but he is responsible for a large chunk of it. I said what said because I thought that it is important to be aware of it. It is time for us to to do what we can to help nature, not destroy it. Animals do what nature designed to do. They don't know any other way. We do.
    3. noushka05
      You're more than welcome :) it was very well deserved x
    4. noushka05
      lol I'm generous like that :D
    5. noushka05
      haha no, I have more than my fair share of rep (ive been here a long time:D), but thank you very much for giving me even more! You are so welcome for my reps, your posts are brilliant so you more than deserved them :)
    6. noushka05
      You are most welcome & thank you very much for the kind words :)
    7. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    8. Spellweaver
      Just catching up - thank you for the rep on the docking thread :) It's sad it's descending into childish "ner ner ner" posts because there have been some good debates on there.
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    Wirral, England
    Not what I should be doing, that's for sure :-(
    At the moment I keep two aquariums - one 120L tropical and one 100L temperate. We also have a pond with a variety of fish, more or less gone wild, plus some newer, tamer ones. We also have a dog (Yorkshire terrier).
    To date I have also had a guinea pig, 6 rabbits, 11 hamsters, 3 zebra finches, 2 cockatiels, a cockroach, and stick insects. I have also reared thousands of caterpillars, and kept colonies of mealworms.
    I have bred harvest mice for a release programme with Chester Zoo, and volunteered at my local RSPCA shelter for 2 years.
    I regularly take in injured and sick wildlife, including a herring gull, wood pigeons, feral pigeons, blackbirds, many hedgehogs, and numerous nestlings. I went all the way to Texas to get trained in wildlife care, and looked after squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, deer, various reptiles and many species of birds, plus a few domestics and exotics.
    I have least experience with large animals, marine fish, and reptiles.

    Birds, bird ringing (see www.bto.org), wildlife rehabilitation, anything to do with wildlife, moths, trees, small creatures.


    Any wildlife queries, feel free to ask.
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