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Nov 3, 2013
Oct 22, 2010
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pheebus was last seen:
Nov 3, 2013
    1. Ingrid25
      Oh thanks Pheebus I'll go check it out now!
    2. danielled
      The tank fish are dropping like flies again. There are only 2 in there now, pretty soon just one at this rate.
    3. danielled
      My banner will have to wait, Lex and Bubbles died.:(
    4. danielled
      They are gorgeous aren't they.
    5. danielled
      They're sooo cute, sister thinks they are ugly still though due to their eyes.
    6. danielled
      They like to sleep behind the filter for some reason. I'll get a pic of them together.
    7. bugsalot
      photo bucket no have not got one but will do now lol thankyou thats great i thought if anyone knew you would your so clever at these things me stick me back in the ice age i would problem get along better there lol
    8. bugsalot
      i have a question for you i hope you can help , i see people post very large photo on a conversation do you know how to do that . i can only do the small thumb nail attachments
    9. danielled
      They sleep next to eah other at night.
    10. danielled
      These two are the hardest to get pics of in my tank.
    11. danielled
      I'mstill trying to get a decent pi of Lexibell and Bubbles.
    12. danielled
      She's a nutter our Lex.
    13. bugsalot
      its fantastic i love it thankyou :)
    14. danielled
      She had a mad half our tonight.
    15. danielled
      She loves them. She has been swimming around fine and everything, she has always been the quiet one out of Her and Bubbles though Bubbles is quiet but she is quieter than Bubbles.
    16. danielled
      She's given me a few scares now, first she was behind the filter looking stuck but then when I put food in for them out she came.
    17. bugsalot
      you sound like you got your hands full dont worry about it gets yourself moved and settled first kodas changing so much i think i would rather have a more recent picture of her shes no longer as black shes going very tan in a few more weeks i think her head will be pretty much tan so its totally cool . thankyou
    18. danielled
      Well so far so good. Lexibell has given me a few scares.
    19. danielled
      Op went great, I came home the day after. Ususlly I'd be bothered about staying in hospital over night but due to anaesthetic I was tht out of it that I couldn't care less that I was staying in. I just wanted a bed.
    20. bugsalot
      hiya hows you today . any news on how the baners coming along . are my photos being a pain in the backside . i can upload more for you if thats the case .
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