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veterinary receptionist

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May 4, 2016
    1. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    2. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Hiya hows everything? Its the pups 1st Birthday tomorrow, I've ordered them all a little present but still waiting for it to turn up! Bloody typical ay! How is Ruby doing? Xx
    3. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      lol well if thats the case she`ll fit right in...good job I love my dogs to have character
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    4. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      Aww keep adding photos so i can see their trims lol. AJ already obsessed with 101 dalmations but then we met some on holiday & I kinda took a liking to them hehe Just the one spot but hopefully she`ll keep the mad cockers in line
    5. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      How are the bearded ladies doing x
    6. Tula&Iver~cavs
      She's taking her time lol =0}
      The lady who had Lucy is looking for another Cav. I told her about you but haven't heard back, I think it maybe a little bit far for her to travel as she's near Bournemouth. Xxx
      Its not happened yet ; ( still not quite ready shes still bleeding quite a bit but they are getting very interested in one another so fingers crossed wont be too long before she changes! Have you been advertising for me? LOL
    8. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Hiya hows the matting going? I may have someone interested in a pup =0} xx
    9. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Ooooooo Ruby and Frankie pups :D now I'm excited lol.. I hope everything goes to plan! Keep me posted on progress. They are going to be stunning babies. Xxx
    10. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Thanks lovely. It just feels very strange to think she has gone :'( she was only a month away from being 1yrs old, me and Diane were only emailing each other last week talking about Lucy and how she was a mini Tula also we were planning on meeting up before the pups birthday. I've even got 6 loads of presents for their birthday.

      How's you and your four legged beauties? Xx
    11. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Hello stranger :) I haven't been on here for months! Everything is good here.. Until this morning :'( unfortunately Lucy aka Orange (Tula & Iver's pup) died this morning.. They were on their morning walk (on lead) and only got to the end of their street when another dog came round the corner and spooked Lucy, she slipped into the road and a speeding car came round the corner and hit her, it happened so quickly and she died instantly :'( im still haven't taken it all in.

      I see you have another puppy :) xx
    12. leanne2479
      lovley pics of ur babies, x
    13. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      Miley & princess both gorgeous!! making me broody again hehe Taking my lot on a road trip to Guernsey for the week that should be fun!!
    14. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      lol...your getting as bad as home is affectionately known as ~the zoo~ hehe
      Need to see pics as evidence of the new arrival on sat..:) What are you calling this one?
    15. claire & the gang
      claire & the gang
      What did i miss...where did princess come from lol?
    16. katie200
      what ya do is copy the link of ya the banner then you past it in the big box then save hope that helps hows you and yopur pets
    17. PinkEars
      yes it amused me greatly! We found it at an Auction and it kept looking at us! Had to have it ;-) she is cute but a handful lots of personality!
      Its called Symply we buy it online from the website i was recommended it from the lady who bought my lil boy pup. They are looking great on it and are having less and smaller poos which is always a bonus! Im going to wean princess onto it as soon as I can get some Symply puppy food. I think you can register as a breeder if you have 3 or more dogs and you get the food cheaper that way. Its sounds expensive but you dont need to give them much of it cos its such high quality it works out about a pound a week for each dog. Tula needs to lay off the takeaways!!! LOL ; )
    19. Tula&Iver~cavs
      I've been trying to talk OH round to getting another pup but he keeps saying we dont have the time (which is true) :( I will definitely get another one day lol. I love the name princess, I named one of mums kittens that lol. I can't wait for Ruby's litter :-) I will just have to get my puppy fix from her litter.

      What have you changed their food to because we've been thinking of changing food because Tula is putting on weight :-( xxxx
    20. Tula&Iver~cavs
      And there was me jumping to conclusions :lol:
      What breed is she? I so want a puppy. Xx
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    Feb 9, 1980 (Age: 38)
    veterinary receptionist