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Mar 5, 2021
Oct 30, 2007
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Lancashire, UK
Website Designer

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Administrator, from Lancashire, UK

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Mar 5, 2021
    1. Yuna1971
      Hi, I’ve just created a thread trying to get opinions on kitten food. There’s a member who is being really unfriendly. I’m quite new here and did not expect this as I was only asking about a simple subject.
      1. alli1077 likes this.
    2. HarlequinCat
      Will you be starting a Q&A about the ads as promised a while back? There's a lot of unhappy people on here and I think it is in your best interest to address the concerns we have
      1. MilleD
        No response to this then or did they reply in a thread?
        Sep 28, 2020
      2. HarlequinCat
        Nope, no response to this or in the thread about inappropriate adverts about Q &As, though they thanked people in the thread for feedback etc. They just don't seem to be that active on the forums, which is a shame
        Sep 28, 2020
        MilleD likes this.
    3. Linda81
      Hi can I please have my forum chat deleted please?? Thanks
    4. Dingle
      Good afternoon... long time no speak, I hope you and yours are all well. Regards Darren
    5. Snoopies
      Admin please feel free to delete my account. I cannot cope with the narrow minded behaviour of a member on this forum. Verging on bullying behaviour.
      1. Scrumbles likes this.
      2. Scrumbles
        Not sure how to post to the administrator but please could someone contact me. Thank you
        Jul 24, 2018
    6. Squigley
      Hi there could you delete my recent thread as it's received a lot of negative critical response which I feel is out of order and it's upsetting me. I wanted name suggestions for a puppy I've recently taken in and I'm being questioned on the amount of animals I have as if they feel I do not look after them. If we could discuss more about this that would be great
      1. ijordar likes this.
    7. Lollie1515
      Hello, are you able to delete my account please? I have messaged the 'contact us' several times. Thank you
      1. JoanneF likes this.
    8. Worrid much
      Worrid much
      Just wandering why you gone out badges like " keep coming back " and " can't stop " I'm anonymous! These badges make me want to leave ! Is that why you do it ?
    9. Elaskilaki
      Hi can you delete my account please I have emailed and messaged you but no response. Thanks
      1. JoanneF likes this.
      2. Duncan9989
        I also need some help with my account and I'm not getting any response through the contact us section on the website.
        Jul 1, 2017
    10. Lurch-er
      Hi can you remove my account please many thanks
    11. Bernadette26
      Hi there how do I delete my account please and my posts
    12. leashedForLife
      SPAMMER -
      user name " asjfcxvs01 "
    13. Jasper & Ashes
      Jasper & Ashes
      Can you please tell me how to delete my account. Thanks
    14. leashedForLife
    15. danielled
      You get an idea of the problem eh Mark, looks like it decided to post your thread twice. Technology eh great when it works.
    16. danielled
    17. catcoonz
      Hi Mark,
      would you be able to assist me please with changing my status on pets4homes to breeder. I have tried to do this and emailed but I get no response. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Thank you.
    18. danielled
      Mark this spammer we keep getting, I don't think it's human, no human can post that quick. I report one and a second later there is a new one.
    19. phustwit
      please can you delete my account. Thanks
    20. BorrowPets
      Hi, we have a new website that helps pet owners meet up to socialise their pets and have them looked after by each other when needed. Are we able to post to your members?
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    Home Page:
    Lancashire, UK
    Website Designer
    Hello, i'm a web designer who has several UK pet related websites, including this one

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