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Oct 29, 2018
Oct 4, 2011
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Shop assistant

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PetForums VIP, from Scotland

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Oct 29, 2018
    1. springerpete
      Yes, it seems the decision was sort of taken away from me a bit. Cheers.
    2. springerpete
      Hi Petero. Saw you'd paid me a visit, thought I'd just say hello. Cheers Pete.
    3. zany_toon
      Hi Peter :) Thanks for the address to the pet shop - i haven't been on for a few days so didn't have a chance to say thank you before now :) I'm glad that the mouse forum link is of use to you, I hope to see you on it sometime :)
    4. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for your nice comments, yep the birds are little characters right enough, dax the grey/white 1 is just a mr cool while kira the green 1 is electric, ha ha. your chipmunks are soooooooo cute. i love them.
    5. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, just go into my profile, same as you did when leaving message, place cursor onto my album and then click, then you can see what's on my album, then do same when looking at my pics cursor onto my pics click then you'll see my pets etc.... ok. hope this helps, there's still alot iv'e to learn to, it takes time. enjoy being among us all on pf. ttfn
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. take a look at my pics if you like, you are quite welcome. your pets ae lovely. ttfn
    7. zany_toon
      Hello :) I was having a look through your posts Peter0 and realised that you had mice :D Not sure if this is any use to you, but there is a UK based pet mouse forum that I'm on that might be of interest to you: Mice Are Nice - Home
      Hope it's of use to you :) And can't wait for piccies of your newbies :D
    8. peter0
      Thanks Petitepuppet its much appreciated and hopefully ill get them to the bottom of this x
    9. Petitepuppet
      The Fun Mouse Forum • Index page

      I would sign up to the above site and ask your question about you ill mice on the health part of the forum. Fingers crossed someone of there can help you x
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  • About

    Shop assistant
    My names Peter. I'm 19 from Scotland.

    I have..

    5 chipmunks

    1 Degu

    1 Chinchilla

    2 Hamsters

    3 Dogs -
    Bert, Bessie and Poppy

    1 Cat -



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