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Oct 7, 2010
Dec 14, 2008
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Oct 7, 2010
    1. canuckjill
      Your welcome cute pugs BTW...Jill
    2. flufffluff39
      Hello :) I have put a question up on dog chat about pugs!! Do you know the answer?? Its under the title," A long winded question about pugs". Thankyou and have a nice day :)
      Hi, thanks for the reply. When i asked my hubby he said we could have one as long as i swapped Oscar so not sure it will be for a while (unless Oscars terrible teens last very much longer LOL). Great little dogs though. Definately on my list now for one day ;)
      Hi. I am a new convert to the charms of the pug since i started walking Oscar with a couple in our country park. They are such great little dogs. Any advice on finding a decent breeder. I understand it's quite hard to get a rescue one ??
    5. RowanWolf
      Hi, I've added you as a friend. Your Pug is lovely :)
      I'm not a Pug owner but I want to learn more about them. x
    6. SuzannePetPhotographer
      Thanks for your replying to my thread 'model photos'

      Don't worry I have been on a course to train dogs while photographing :)
      If your dogs don't stay we can just put them on the lead and feed them treats to sit. If your interested email me :) x
    7. kiera09
      Hiya, yer we are!But they're well worth it! Your peppa's gorgeous! I love pugs! If I didn't have 2 big dogs (and 10 little ones!) I'd have one! I cnt belive maud lost 1-Its so sad, we lost our last pup :( We wld of had 11!) xx
    8. Roo
      Hi, yes it does sound unusual. I have often wondered if the line my girls were from had been taken too far.....? Please don't think that i'm some silly kind of emotional woman..... I am a very logical person, it just knocked me for six losing 2 pugs so young. The events are the reason I have a different breed now, Border Terriers. I thought long & hard about getting pugs again but I was afraid I would be constantly comparing them to Myrtle who was a real character. x
    9. Roo
      Hi, it was a very very sad & distressing time with little Myrtle. She had had her quarterly check up at the vets who said ' this little pug is so healthy'..... 2 weeks later, totally out of the blue she was sick one morning and seemed 'off'. I immediately took her to the vets who said it was a gastric virus....... 2 days later, no better. Took her back, had blood tests..... these showed a problem with the liver. At this stage they thought it was poison. Did other tests....... couldn't find problem. Myrtle is getting weaker by the day. More blood tests....... liver counts getting worse. Had biopsy on liver on the Thursday..... sent off to lab, got results back on the following Monday to be told her liver was completely shot........ she had a form of Leukemia. Spoke with a specialist in Cambridge.....said there was nothing that could be done as she was riddled with disease. Had her put to sleep at 6.30pm Monday 9th June. Her sister Amy, died on the 15th June 2006 aged 6 of the same thing. I didn't think i'd ever get through the hurt & pain.............. it's still there but you have to get on with things. I cry every time I think of them.x
    10. SuzannePetPhotographer
      I do love them, dearly their my babys. However it wouldn't be fair on them. I have their best interest at heart by doing this. It kills me but in the end it will make them happy.
    11. SuzannePetPhotographer
      Nope there not breeded the border collies are related. However the German Sheperd was from a friend and because nobody bought her she was going to have her put down so I said il buy it from her however id of never suggested it if I new I had to get rid of them :(
    12. Roo
      Peppa is stunning. She is the double of my little girl Myrtle who sadly passed away 1 year ago today aged 6. Sending a great big hug to Peppa xxx
    13. SuzannePetPhotographer
      Aww your peppa is gorgeous :D
      I love pugs but boyfriend isn't too keen on their noise =/
    14. Katie&Cody
    15. Katie&Cody
      Hello *Waves*
      How are you this morning?
      Have added you as a friend - I'm Kate x
    16. Xiaoli
      Here I am :)
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