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Jun 6, 2015
May 4, 2009
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Jun 6, 2015
    1. leashedForLife
      YAY, it worked! :D i tried to reply a dozen times yesterday, had a Terrible time with connectivity, :nonod: yet every other window worked perfectly - just not PF-uk. :mad:

      anyway, colostrum sources can include ANYbody who keeps goats, or the local natural-foods store, or a nearby dairy, etc; they generally freeze some for future need, as any one mum provides way-more than any 2 offspring can eat.
      so they save it for poorly calves, kids with diarrhea, etc.
      good luck, hun...
      --- terry
    2. Matrix/Logan
      Well done for taking on this little pup, hope you get him round and he developes into a lovely little chap. Look forward to watching him grow into a handsome prince with you. I love the name Phoenix i had that on my list for my new little fellow. X X
    3. Lucylewis0
      Good luck with the pup, I take my hat off to you for offering him a better home, keep us updated x
    4. staceydawlz
      hey i caught up with one of your threads did u get the poor pup?? xx
    5. sequeena
      And you hun! x
    6. sequeena
      Probably not, I'll most likely be up again :rolleyes:
      Haha aww get some sleep!
    7. sequeena
      I'm not too bad, very very tired though. You?
      I'm just scanning some family photos to the laptop so be sure to look out for a thread :p
    8. sequeena
      There's something about the black ones that just get to you :) xx
    9. mollyismyworld
      Thank you for the friend request.
      You have beautiful dogs and cats! xx
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