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May 17, 2020
May 18, 2009
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Near Porthmadog, North Wales
Freelance secretary/typist

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PetForums VIP, from Near Porthmadog, North Wales

PembrokeMadhouse was last seen:
May 17, 2020
    1. springerpete
      Hi. Saw you'd visited my page. Thought I had a neighbour for a minute then saw you were in the North.
    2. Caroline2
      Do you live in Pembroke?
    3. cheekyscrip
      sorry if too much info in one go...happy that you do not want to change schools or home educate him...to assess dylexia properly an edpsych is needed...and sometimes this it good to have a private assessment ...might be worth the money...best luck for you both...
    4. JANICE199
      Thankyou for the friends request.xxx
    5. MissBethM
      Thanks for all your supportive comments for Tilly :) Reading about Scarf really picked me up too xx
    6. LauraJayne
      Thanks for accepting my add =) x
    7. vixtory
      I think i came across her picture yesterday on doglost when i was trying to cross match dogs... hope you find her hun, i`ll keep looking for you! x
    8. GillyR
      oh hun.....i know what you mean....i think as long you have let as many know as possible, dogs homes etc... that is not a vast lot more you can do.....really sad....but i have heard of dogs being gone for months, then being picked up.....might be worth getting touch for pounds in the surrounding areas of where you live....apart from that i dont think there is much more...i am inclined to think nell is no longer in your area :-( the psychic, did they give you any tips?
    9. GillyR
      ffsake - they make me mad....all your asking is for her/him to check it out...she/he isnt bleeding pychic......jobs worth.
    10. GillyR
      yes be careful petal.
    11. GillyR
      hmmm - could you maybe contact the police, give them a pic, and see if they will go and see? fingers crossed.
    12. GillyR
      Hi Caron

      Any news on nel....keep thinking of you both xxx
    13. corrine3
      awww i'm so sorry for you. I know what its like to loose a dog, my boy passed away at 7months while we were on holiday so i also felt i didnt get closure, kept imagining it might all be a misunderstanding and he would come back. Or hoping they were all playing some kind of sick joke on me, obviously that was not the case. Time is some kind of healer but the thought of her will always be on your mind. When i was 5 our cat ran away, i never stopped looking until eventually we moved away from that area. Also when I was about 8 or 9 my rabbit escaped, again i always imagined he was living wild somewhere.
    14. corrine3
      must be a horrible feeling not to have that closure of knowing what's happened to her. Positive thinking maybe someone has found her and taken her in x
    15. corrine3
      still thinkin of u and Nell x
    16. PembrokeMadhouse
      no news re Nell for a whole week xxx x
    17. PembrokeMadhouse
      Thanks mumof5... yes I am having to start to think about me now... the house is a mess, the work is behind, the kids are bored... I can't do any more than I am doing... I still have to walk Meg so still going out a couple of times a day.
      Still no sightings since Tuesday... but... who knows x
    18. dobermummy
      hope you find nell soon, just remember to look after yourself too

    19. PembrokeMadhouse
      No nothing.... still walking out and calling/whistling, but she could be anywhere... no sightings since Monday, so concentrating on that area... I don't know where to turn next x
    20. corrine3
      any news? x
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    Near Porthmadog, North Wales
    Freelance secretary/typist
    slightly up the creak without a paddle - why can't I say no to waifs and strays! Other than that, very busy and working hard to feed animals - oh, and I suppose I better feed the kids too!

    With 3 kids, 3 cats, 1 collie dog, currently 1 foster 10 week border collie, and 1 foster mummy cat and 4 newborn kittens - not much time for hobbies - walking features a lot, pooper scooping - is that a hobby!?
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