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Jul 2, 2015
Jun 28, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Wales

peecee was last seen:
Jul 2, 2015
    1. Susan M
      Susan M
      Sorry for the delay, had no idea this was here! Thank you so much, yep they sure are, BSH silver spotted :)
    2. catcoonz
      Thank you for my rep. x
    3. Citrineblue
      Thank you so much for the rep. I am smiling soooo much. : )) by the way your profile photo is lovely above.
    4. chillminx
      Many thanks for the green rep. Much appreciated. :)
    5. hobbs2004
      Could be worth a try!
    6. hobbs2004
      Just checked and for the beef, the values remain the same. 3.5g of bonemeal and 10g of eggshells (ideally you would also need 2.4g of dicacliumphosphate to bring both calcium and phosphorus to 100%). If you just wanted to use eggshells, you would need 10g of eggshells (and ideally 7g of dicalciumphosphate to even it all out). Does that help?
    7. hobbs2004
      Just take the cheapest cuts, which are also fatty. We often use shin and braising steak (I think it is). Have you tried turkey? Any game (venison, game mix)? Perhaps they just got bored of lamb.
    8. hobbs2004
      Hey Peecee, the bones would be chicken-based. If they are ok, which I doubt re the cat who doens't tolerate chicken, you can just use the lamb easy recipe and just substitute the amount of meat for other meat. The rest should more or less stay the same. The same with the other recipes really but I can double-check the amount of eggshell that would be needed if you used different meats. Shouldn't make that much of a difference...
    9. hobbs2004
      Oh I am glad they liked it! Did you want with bone or without?
    10. hobbs2004
      Hey PC, I havent' forgotten about your beef recipe. Will pm it to you over the weekend if that is ok.
    11. peecee
      Are you saying that the black and white tuxedo cat is 17 ? Wow ! You need to send me your tios in taking care of cats!
    12. Paddypaws
      Thank you so much, that's probably the best compliment I have ever had! Black and white cats are so often over looked in favour of 'prettier' colours, but they are my favourite too. I snatched her as a kitten from a hospital feral colony and she is my absolute baby, despite being a crotchety grumpy old lady of 17 now.
      You have made my day!
    13. Aurelia
      I have a fair bit of material left on some choices hun. Let me know what you're after and I shall see what I've got :)
    14. Vampyria
      You're welcome :D
    15. Chez87
      The timed feeder was a good idea for someone trying to do regular feeds throughout the day, so simple but I didn't think of it! My cat is a moggie, but I think one of his parents may be BSH or half BSH. :) I would love a BSH one day though, what colour do you have?
    16. peecee
      Hi, thanks for the reply. Had a quiet xmas and new year. I had the black bagged P&S with the larger pellets. My cat seems to prefer this to cats best as I think it may have been irritating her. Now I am worried about using the smaller pellets of P&S for this reason. I just checked on petplanet and it is really expensive! Don't know what to do. My cat seems to wee in exactly the same place each time she goes so the one spot does get oversaturated so i have to change that bit often as it does start to smell a bit.

      Have you tried the smaller pellets and do they distintergrate easily?
    17. dougal22
      Hiya, I'm not a fan of Christmas, glad it's all over :) Did you have a good one?
      Purr & Simple have changed their litter slightly - now in white bags. Have you got the black bags with larger pellets? If so, they're much better, more absorbant. It's hard to say how often it needs completely changing. Depends on how many cats you have, and if you have a touch of OCD like me :)
      I understand you're to scoop the poop, but leave the wee at the bottom as the layer at the top remains dry. The more wees, the quicker the litter breaks down and kinda turns to dust. Hope this helps :)
    18. Aurelia
      Unfortunately not hun. Those three sets were gifts for my mum and sisters! Once I get some time I'll be making some more sets though. I may well have my fingers in too many pies at the moment :lol: Thanks for the compliments though ;)
    19. Aurelia
      Crikey, now you're asking :D Well I make greeting cards, invites and all that jazz. I make jewelery, I'm a photographer ... I restore old photos. We even make cakes! :lol: I'm sure there are a few other bits I've forgotten too :D

      Glad to here your kitty is loving the RAW as well. It's so nice to see them get stuck in isn't it?
    20. Aurelia
      Hiya :D Thank you for showing interest in the beds!
      The RAW feeding is going really well! My queen is on about 100g a day now, she is about leveling out on condition (lost a bit while raising her litter). I'm expecting it to go down a little more eventually. The kittens however are eating about 260g a day now :lol: Little piggies! xxx
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