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Sep 26, 2014
Oct 2, 2010
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Sep 26, 2014
    1. Bellaboo1
      Hi again, i see the thread i still going !!! its just going round in circles so i bowed out. Anyway i forgot to ask you where your rescue is based ?
    2. scooby28
    3. Burrowzig
      Always interested to hear about another Welsh Sheepdog/Collie....tell me about yours? If you look at my albums, you can see my Kite.
    4. hawksport
      Sorry clicked the wrong button on the pm reply
    5. pearltheplank
      Thank you Hawksport. We desperately need it. Unfortunately the BYB's will not test and the innocent buyers will suffer. There needs to be a way to educate the buyers into ONLY buying tested dogs
    6. hawksport
      Good luck with the gene research.
    7. pearltheplank
      You actually got them through customs? I believe these bloods need to fozen/chilled and with the US tester within 24 hours. I know of Jean Dodds. This test is being validated in part by Dr Tintle, a breed specialist
    8. DoubleTrouble
      Hello and welcome!
      Dont really know what these blood tests are about! But when I had a dog that was seriously sick we were able to get bloods taken (normally from a members house pre arranged and a vet would take the blood) don't know quite what the next stage was but these were sent to Jean dodds in LA! guess that is what they call a drop point!
    9. pearltheplank
      LOL, Sarah
      Its me, Pearls mum. You gonna ring me today?
    10. sharpeilover
      I too love the Shar Pei breed. I've got 4 at present and would love to get into showing but really don't know where to start, I've one at 6 months, 7 months, and 2 at 5 months old.

      Even if I don't win anything I'd just like to meet other Shar Pei owners out there.
      I'm in the North West.

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