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Aug 23, 2011
Mar 24, 2011
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Aug 23, 2011
    1. leashedForLife
      condensed version:
      Eroswoof tried to save a dying cat; the animal died anyway, & some PF-uk members were highly critical & texted or phoned her repeatedly. She felt picked-upon & very upset - so she QUIT the forum, & when she did, the Poz & Progressive DT&B group was automatically deleted.
      i wish she'd had the presence of mind to look beyond her personal drama, but it's done now. :(
    2. RobD-BCactive
      Could you explain to Old Shep how you accepted the invite, she pm-ed me to ask, but I'm only one who never had a group invite.. so I can't explain it.
      The group allows a safe place, for real discussion without RUDE interjections
    3. RobD-BCactive
      Enjoying a head bang along to youtube!
    4. RobD-BCactive
      Another measured position statement Shock Collar Position Statement
    5. RobD-BCactive
      Dog Behaviour - Articles - Shock Collars - the shocking truth
      Seems a reasonable link, not tooo strident or alarmist, but measured
    6. RobD-BCactive
      Hey you've been moon lighting! petforums.co.uk was down for me earlier so I went to slow alternative I gave up on last summer.
    7. Savahl
      hey binty, im good. keeping busy - tis exam period :( Need to get the mutts together sometime for a good walk... buster has a bundle of energy at the mo!!
    8. RobD-BCactive
      WB I was worried we'd lost you with all the bickering!
      The Dog activity thread is one you may like
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