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Paul Dunham
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Jul 3, 2013
Apr 1, 2010
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Dec 24, 1959 (Age: 62)
currently out of work and looking. Has anyone got

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Paul Dunham

PetForums Senior, 62, from Bristol

Paul Dunham was last seen:
Jul 3, 2013
    1. hawksport
      Good luck with the new job
      1. Matthew dunham
        Matthew dunham
        Hi Paul is my dad any chance u could tell me where to find him I've not seen him since 2010
        Mar 24, 2016
    2. hawksport
    3. RoryThomas
      I absolutely agree with that paul. The bird knows what its doing i dont. He has a few birds, he has a red tailed hawk, two owls, a harris hawk and a few others. So ill be able to handle a few different birds thanks for all your help and ill keep you updated on my progress.
    4. Paul Dunham
      Paul Dunham
      That's absolutely great. The experience you get just from handling a bird will teach you a great deal. More than any book or any person can teach you. It's the falconer which needs training the most.
    5. RoryThomas
      Thanks for that paul. I know a guy who has a few birds and he runs a scheme in my town where he waljs round with his team of people and his birds to kee tge sea gulls away. Ge has said he will take me on as a volunteer. He will teach me about the birds and train me how to train the birds. Thank you for the info and advice it has been a great help .
    6. Paul Dunham
      Paul Dunham
      Harris's are probably the best all round hawk these days. There easy to train, fly and hunt. Although you can get awkward individuals which need an experienced falconer. Smaller birds such as Barn Owls Kestrels are good beginners birds provided you have someone to guide you. The problem being with a body weight of less than 10oz's, sometimes as liitle as 6oz's. The potential for an inexperienced beginner to starve them is too great. Some people seem to forget the point of falconry is to get your bird into it's peak physical fitness and to starve a bird will make it deteriorate in condition. Falconry is not starving your bird, it's pure conditioning. Imagine if you hand reared a bird and then carried on hand feeding it all of it's food. You can control the way it fly's. They don't even have to be very hungry to get them to perform.
    7. RoryThomas
      Hi paul. I know a guy who has a couple thousand acres of land and will let me fly a hawk on there. As for time i work shifts four on and four off, so time is not an issue as my wife will help with the training. In your opinion would a harris hawk be the best starting bird? Thanks for you time.

      Regards Rory
    8. Paul Dunham
      Paul Dunham
      Hi Rory,
      First of all you have to establish whether where you live is suitable for a Harris Hawk.
      Also Harris's enjoy hunting and you have to be sure you have the time & hunting ground available to them. They can be trained not to hunt and just to fly for the fun of it, but usually you need a degree of experience for this. I'm 50 years old now and in all those years I've only come across one book which I found real useful when training & dieting birds which will teach you more than many of these falconry coarses. It's by an old falconer and you will have to seach for it online. Observations of Modern Falconry by Ronald Stevens. That guy is a very talented falconer and knows his stuff. Pay particular attention to his section on Taming. That's for the manning and psychological conditioning of a bird. How much space do you have?

      Best Regards Paul.
    9. RoryThomas
      Hi paul, my name is rory and im interested in keeping a harris hawk, i have been reading your debate with hawk spot and feel you are the man to speak with. I was wondering if you could give me some info on the birds and the best way to keep them. Any info would be grately appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
    10. Paul Dunham
      Paul Dunham
      I was staying up in the mountains just outside Grand Port. Domaine d'anse Jonchee. It's a beautiful place and I loved the people. I just found some the franco mauritian whites a little too colonial in their attitude. I found in general there was a better sense of morality over there.
    11. Sarah+Hammies
      Hi, im fascinated about the time you spent in Mauritius! - My mum is from Mauritius :D I've only ever been there 3 times in my 23 years :laugh:
    12. Paul Dunham
      Paul Dunham
      Hi Shamen,
      No I don't have a bird at the moment, human or otherwise, lol, but when I get myself settled I fully intend to start flying something again. I've been in tight spots before, mostly when travelling abroad. Stress just comes with the territory. Although I am getting sick and tired of alcoholic's and drug addicts. I could do with a break from them.
      So what do you keep?
    13. Shamen
      hiya Paul thanks for accepting:thumbup: ive been on forums with a similar layout so ive found my way round here pretty quick! lol...sounds as though youre pretty busy at the moment i bet youre stressed out arnt you?

      have you got birds of prey of your own Paul? sorry its a bit of a random question! lol:o
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    Dec 24, 1959 (Age: 62)
    currently out of work and looking. Has anyone got
    All round animals lover. Principally birds and falconry. Former curator of birds and pet shop owner. Heavily committed to conservation and the quality of life of animals in captivity.

    Keeping & breeding animals, Falconry, animal training riding Travel, sailing, diving, snorkelling. visiting exotic places.


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