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Jan 10, 2010
Sep 29, 2009
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Jan 10, 2010
    1. tiddlypup
      sorry for not thanking you,ive only just learnt about reps,thankyou x
    2. LostGirl
      Very interesting to read, it does seem a very good idea. Like you said doubt it will happen here if they have to spend money on it :( Thanks very much for answering :)
    3. Patch
      They don`t have problems like UK does according anyone I know in those circles, Germany is an FCI member through which the general regulations are enforced as well as member countries own laws. One of the regs which all FCI member countries have to adhere to and enforce is "Dog traders and commercial dog breeders are not permitted to undertake breeding in a member country or contract partner of the FCI.".
      In order to breed, "• These FCI breeding regulations apply directly to all FCI member countries as well as the contract partners. This means that breeding may only be carried out with pedigree dogs which have a sound temperament, are healthy in functional and hereditary terms and are registered with a studbook or register (appendix) recognised by the FCI. In addition, they have to fulfil the requirements specified by the relevant FCI member or contract partners.

      • The only dogs which are considered to be healthy in hereditary terms are those transferring breed standard features, breed type and temperament typical of that breed without displaying any substantial hereditary defects which could impair the functional health of its descendants. "

      The UK is currently not an FCI member, if it were then UK laws would have to be implemented regarding what would and would not be legal to breed, UK law makers don`t want that of course [ imo ] as it involves work and spending money to bring it about... nuff said :-(
    4. LostGirl
      Hiya sorry threads been locked but just wanted to know if you knew if germany had alot of cross breeds or a crisis with over flowing rescues? It does seem like a very good idea with how they handle breeding. much better then any tom,dick or harry do it! :)
    5. lauren001
      Thanks very much for the rep. :)
    6. Patch
      The only clubs which don`t allow deaf dogs will be the ones with trainers who have no experience of them but if you let me know whereabouts you are in the country i`ll see what I can find for you, I have pm`d you my email addy, did`nt want to put it somewhere easily viewable because spambots are a mare lol
      I`m so glad you are a lot more positive now, doomsayers really should stay under their rocks instead of upsetting people y spouting rubbish, you are already doing great, don`t you worry it won`t be long before you are completely at ease and confident in yourself for your little girl, just be aware than you will eventually find yourself talking to humans while using deaf dog signs at them as you talk, myself and all the deaf dog owners I know do that all the time :o)
    7. LJW87
      Thanks for the link, I was looking at that yesterday, I've found a site that sells the book so i'll buy one online. I think that will help me a lot as at the moment i've only been reading bits and bobs regarding training,online. I'd rather have a book I can read in my own time than reading bits and pieces from different sites.

      I personally feel she's been a great pup so far, she's friendly with everyone in my family. She's nippy but nothing that's out of control, she just gets excited when she's around people, mainly the kids!
      She's been out today again in the park and she's brilliant with other dogs,another staffordshire tried to bite her but she never once got aggressive and still tried to play.

      I've been thinking about taking her to a training class to see if it can help her too and get her used to other dogs. I've read that some classes don't allow deaf dogs though :(

      It's nice to have someone make comments that don't make me feel like I can't cope with training my pup! Some of the people that have given me advice have made it sound like it's a living nightmare, with lots of tears shed etc etc...that's what made me start to worry!

      Have you got an email I could message you on as I don't use this site really often
    8. Patch
      Here you go, you can get it direct from Barry`s own site, he is a lovely bloke though gets embarrassed when told so lol

      Help with training your deaf dog from Barry Eaton

      Believe me you are doing a great job already as she is beautifully socialised from the sound of her, the nipping is typical puppy exploration behaviour so don`t let anyone try telling you it`s because she is deaf because it is`nt - it`s just a case of a puppy being a puppy ;o)
      In my experience the people who say a deaf dog is a nightmare are people who don`t have confidence enough in their own abilities as handlers, [ probably for good reason ! ], but that`s their issue, not the dogs`, so you can relax and ignore people like that, if deaf dogs were so hard, trust me those of us who do have them would`nt get another after the first let alone have several at a time like myself and many many other people do :o)
    9. LJW87
      Thanks for your help so far.
      Some people have REALLY made me anxious and worry etc and made me feel as if i'm not cut out for doing it due to having worries about it.
      Your advice and reassurance has made me feel a lot better about it:)
      Some people's comments have made me feel to the point of wanting to give her up as they've made it out to be absolutely nightmare-ish and super hard work.

      I joined a forum called the bulliebar for bull terrier owners etc and some of the members on there have deaf dogs. Some have given me some great advice and others have told me that it's a really difficult job to train a deaf one, due to them having a stubborn nature as it is.
      The whole situation has been upsetting enough for me as it is, as I bought my pup with the intention of her having full hearing and am trying to deal with reporting the breeder etc and that feels like it's going nowhere, she's changed her mobile number, refused my letter I sent to her etc so that's making me feel stressed too :(

      I just want to try and get on training Bella and do a good job of it :) Some people made me feel as if I wouldn't be cut out for the job due to having a young son and Bella needing ALL my time. I think some people were trying to be helpful but they made me feel more like I wasn't capable of training her.
      She's a lovely pup, I can't fault her, she's not aggressive, she's brilliant with other people, mainly children...she loves the attention she gets when I take her out and she's been brilliant with the other dogs she's seen.
      I've seen some pups out on my walks with her that have been really badly behaved compared to her!
      The only problem i've had with her so far is the nipping but i'm slowly trying to stop her doing that.

      I've had a look online for the book by Barry Eaton, amazon don't have it in stock and ebay don't do it, so i'm having another look online to see if I can get a copy as various people have recommended this book to me :)

      Thanks again :)

    10. Patch
      The people who say they are hard work and take up every waking moment have never lived with deaf dogs long term - lots on non-deaf dog owners have theories about them but are always way off the mark on the realities of it, heck only a couple of months ago I was published in a dog magazine correcting the misinformation of one of their so called experts who gave dreadful `advice` to a lass who adopted a deaf rescue dog, every one of the deaf dog owners I know personally were up in arms at what the woman spouted - and nope, she had never lived with a deaf dog either. If it helps put your mind at rest, my four deaf dogs [ and two hearing dogs ] are all rescues, were all horrendously abused so had issues to overcome, but have all been able to learn easily, a deaf dog is a normal dog, they just need visuals instead of voice, that`s all. All six of mine collectively don`t take up every minute of every day, far from it, I run a very busy agility club which takes up considerable time, I have other interests and hobbies too which also take up much time, none of which causes my crew to be difficult or worrisome so don`t you worry either :o) If it helps, there is another forum I`m on, [ a small and very friendly one, it`s a lovely atmosphere there ], which has members who train at my club with their deaf dogs, including two Dalmatians owned by one lass, a Collie owned by another, and a Staffie cross owned by another, so if you would like to join you will have lots of practical help and support there too, ignore that its called a Border Collie forum as all are welcome :o) Login
    11. LJW87
      Thanks so much. I've been worrying loads lately as people have made really off putting comments and made me feel as if I won't be able to cope with training a deaf dog and made me feel as if I should be giving up on her and I don't want to do that :(
      Some people have offered me some great advice and others have said it's 100% all day every day commitment and time. I have a one year old son to take care of too so that's a worry to me as I don't feel like I can devote every minute of the day to my pup.
      I'd be really appreciative of you sending me the vids, i'm currently trying to sort out getting Bella into a training class.

      Will look forward to hearing from you :)
    12. Patch
      Hi Laura, please don`t worry, I will help as much as possible and would like to try to assure you that there is very little a deaf dog can`t do that a hearing dog can, [ if anything ! ], training won`t be harder, just slightly different that`s all :o) I have 4 deaf dogs [ not 2 ], and have had more before them, I truly find them easier than hearing dogs as they don`t get distracted so easily lol, I have an agility class this Friday and one of the members has 2 deaf dogs so I will set up some demo`s of basic training which I`ll video and upload for you to start you off, and I strongly suggest you get the booklet called See Hear by Barry Eaton [ available online, just google his name ] which has lots of tips and photo examples for training which you will find invaluable. Very importanlty dont try exaggerating movements as its not necessary and is hard for a deaf dog to `read`, the more natural your movements for signals the better. I will let you know when videos are uploaded and we can take it from there if that`s any help :o)
    13. LJW87
      Hi there,
      I was given your username by another member (hazel) as i've recently added a post about my new pup being deaf and she recommended that I messaged you as I was looking for some advice on how to train my new pup and she told me you own two dogs who are deaf.
      She's a 13 week old English Bull Terrier. When I bought her from the breeder I was under the impression her hearing was perfect, as soon as I got her home I knew this wasn't the case and i'm adamant she is totally deaf. Tried all the relevant tests and she's totally unresponsive :( the breeder won't accept any responsibility and now I am needing some help on starting to train her as she's growing quick!
      I could never get rid of her as she's like a part of the family now and she's lovely.
      I've not really even started the process of training her yet as this is my first time dog and i've absolutely NO idea on how to train a deaf dog. I've read up about it on the internet and just need some basic beginners help to start with.
      If you had any advice you could give to me I would be so appreciative as i'm really clueless at the moment and need to start really bonding and training my lovely pup.
      Many thanks:)
    14. Twiglet6303
      There are no words...... Actually, there are - WONDERFUL - THATS WHAT YOU ARE XX
    15. Chillinator
      I'm all ears... :D
    16. Patch
      Thank you so much guys, great to be among like minded people, I feel right at home already :) :) :)
    17. DevilDogz
      Thank you for the rep :D x
    18. Smarty Pants
      Smarty Pants
      Thank you for the rep, I really did enjoy reading your posts, you are obviously very knowledgeable, I sincerely hope that you stay with the foum as you knowledge I am sure will be benificial to others
    19. Patch
      Thanks Hazel, my little T`Akaya does love to zoomie *g*
    20. hazel pritchard
      hazel pritchard
      Hi l like your new pic
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