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pamela Renfrew
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Apr 14, 2014
Jun 9, 2010
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Nov 24, 1964 (Age: 56)
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Ayrshire. Scotland
I am "The Waggy Tails" Dog walking services

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pamela Renfrew

PetForums Senior, 56, from Ayrshire. Scotland

pamela Renfrew was last seen:
Apr 14, 2014
    1. The3DChis
      Hi Pam. lol i have posted on here ages ago when i lived in Glasgow. Crazy eh! . Saw Allana too. ha! It's Teresa by the way. x
    2. Malmum
      Hi Pam, was just checking to see if you were still on PF as haven't seen your posts in a while - somehow I keep missing you. Glad you're still here and hope all's okay with you and yours, Freda.
    3. The3DChis
      Aww no sorry for your loss.
      Yeah between my man and i we have the 6 dogs, but the huskies cant live in my flat.
      I moved back to Glasgow, to fin college cause the travelling from Bathgate was a pain, so right now i just visit. lol
      I am on the southside.
      We are in the middle of house hunting though, for a place big enough with a garden.
    4. The3DChis
      Hi, gorgeous dogs you have there!
    5. Tanya1989
      Aww, thanks. It went ok. They have put me on the waiting list to be admitted and ordered more brain scans and electro type testing for my nerves (not looking forward to those though.... very painful)..... They are hoping to have me down there soonish..... but its the only clinic of its type in the country, so very sought after.... although my case is apparently being bumped up.

      Thanks for the thoughts..... means a lot to me xx
    6. pika
      New thread on dog chat up with pics :)
    7. hawksport
      Happy Birthday
    8. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi hun.... She did fine as the guy who was doing the dog walks for me came up in the morning and again early afternoon to let her out for a wee pee and play..... Where is your auction/donation ??? xx
    9. Allana
      Hey how did anouk get on being on her own?

      I have a KONG auction/donation going on for the husky welfare if you want a look.

      KONG sent LOADS of stuff xx
    10. archielee
      Thank you for the comments on my photos
    11. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Glad its not just not Anouk then..... She is starting to go to the door, turn around, look at me.... or maybe just look in my direction..... then sit down and wait to be noticed......that is a start I guess.....especially now the conservatory door into the house is closed.... If it was open she would probably just go on the paper..... little rascal...Hope the wee mans leg is getter stronger by the day.....They just are so adorable little things..... Anouk has just found her tail and running round and round and round to catch it..... oooops, she has just fallen over !!!! I have a funeral to go to today so she will be left in the kitchen ...... this will be a trial day.......Pamx
    12. Allana
      Hey pam, aw I know he does it loads it's funny but we need to remember to check he hasn't stashed stuff away for too long! I really need to get Badger enrolled now his leg is a lot better. Badger had been bad with his pooing too, I'd let him out in the garden and take him a walk before work but when we got there within 10mins he'd poo in the corner in the office!! :eek:
      He hasn't done it the last few days tho as I think I caught him at the right time last time.
      How is everyone getting on? X
    13. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Did you see the pics I posted of Anouk with Conoch and Kai ???? They are on the thread titled..... one more sleep till I get my angel...... Very funny.... x
    14. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Will try and keep her still for long enough to measure...... will let you know later.... x
    15. Allana
      Ment to ask if you have measured Anouk? If i've measured badger correctly he is 8inches. x
    16. ziva
      new pix of my gang!!
    17. lianne86
      Hi sorry i havent been on recently, been sooo busy. Thats fantastic news that your both getting on so well :) you'll ove the training, there such clever little pups...everythings fine down our way...Loki and Kya are both doing great...ive put new pics on today..xx
    18. GSDlover4ever
      Oh the joys of puppies, she sound slike a right character, full of fun.. :)
      Glad she is settling in well too :)

      Sadly i never got my bag, house keys, portfolio or my purse back..... i am currently in a groomers being taught how to groom... in my spare time and i am enjoying it. It's good to get experience with lots of different breeds. :)
      My photography buisness is slowing on the move as well, i'll get their eventually. :)

    19. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      God yeah... I had a wee panic this morning when she was just bolking up froth, everywhere !!!! She is fine now and has eaten two meals today.... Back to her normal self thanks.....Vet reckoned it was nothing to worry about, maybe a wee reaction to her injection plus being outside in the wet grass and coming in and licking her paws etc etc... Paranoid mother eh ??? Just as well I dont have kids !!!!!! and never will !!!! Pamx
    20. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Hi pam. Hows anouk doing now? Saw your post on the ladys with the sick puppys thread. God they are a worry when their pups!
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    Nov 24, 1964 (Age: 56)
    Home Page:
    Ayrshire. Scotland
    I am "The Waggy Tails" Dog walking services
    I am 45 years young !!!! Managed Hotels for 25 years... Gave it up and took up Dog Walking which is a fantastic way to make a living...

    My Dogs..... dog walking
    My horse ...
    My Harley...
    I love swimming but have to drag myself to the gym usually !
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