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May 30, 2020 at 11:36 AM
May 4, 2010
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East London

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Paddypaws was last seen:
May 30, 2020 at 11:36 AM
    1. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Yes bouncers mom does she has juts come back to regularly posting, i did hear about Merlin broke my heart Vanda emailed me about him so sad had me in tears, wodger was kyria cat i thought you knew her anyway Barb has worked miracles with the doggy juice so much OTJ partying going on lol.
      Tilly isn't there yet but getting closer she is going a lot further on her own she stalled out on the Hypurin and as a desperate measure i gave her caninsulin but because we can dose regularly she did really well so keeping her on it she is doing longer runs on her own and going to be switching her to raw at the end of the month need to find a grinder capable of grinding bones
    2. raggie doll
    3. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Oh no poor cat :(
      I am so pleased with Tilly she is amazing and still so young. Did you hear Morky and Wodger are OTJ and with doggy juice lol

      i got ruby my Persian foster off to her new homoe last week woohoo and have a feisty one coming Tuesday so that will be a challenge lol
      Still not up for a FD kitty lol
    4. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      We are doing very good Tilly nearly has all her weight back now looking much more round, how about you and your little monsters
    5. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Hey hun how is it going did you get that cute kitty
    6. Cookieandme
      Oh dear wondered how you got on, cookie can't get enough if there was a pattern on the plate she would have locked it off :). I add more water to it when I plate it up so makes it quite wet, I figured a little more water can't be a bad thing. Fingers crossed for next time.
    7. hobbs2004
      Good to hear that everything is returning to normal! Seriously, I don't think you are going to regret getting a hicat. Perhaps you could start off with a pole and then put the fatter one next to it? My dream set-up; just like they have in the vid but alas we don't have the space currently.

      Re the pork heart; I have found this: Raising Cats Naturally: How to Care for Your Cat the Way Nature Intended - Michelle T. Bernard - Google Books
    8. hobbs2004
    9. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      We're good she looks so much better now with the weight going on but am switching her to raw next month when i get a nice grinder we had a rebound day yesterday but all in all she is doing good on TR and Marlena is great how are your lot doing
    10. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Helo madam how are you stranger???
    11. DKDREAM
      she is stunning :)
    12. LilahSuki
      Lilah always makes lots of noise with bags and litter and seems she's the loudest when we want to sleep! She also scratches my suitcase and doesn't realise how annoying it is. Ohh lovely kitties you have! Which one is Millie? :D
    13. Dante
      I have posted on DCC!
    14. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      hello stranger
    15. jill3
      Yes pictures very soon. Chloe briefly saw him today when we bought him home and was very scared. So he's in the spare bedroom. We are going to do very slow introductions. Exchanging scents etc. We have the feliway plugged in the lounge. Any tips would be appricated! x
    16. jill3
      Hello Claire. It's been an aweful week. Most of it spent mopping around the house crying.
      We decided the only thing to get us back on track is to adopt another little one. We have found a 6 month old British Lilac boy who was bought from a breeder 2 weeks ago and the lady that bought him has an allergy and is out at work 10 hours at least a day.
      So this poor little guy is on his own. We have had him checked over by a vet for any heart problems and all is ok. I know people might think it's too soon but sadly i cannot bring Yazmin and Harley back and now Chloe is left on her own.
      Thanks for caring and will keep you updated.
      Love to your furry Gang.
      Jill xx
    17. jill3
      Thanks Paddypaws. I will see what the vet says on monday but deep down i know she's not going to get better or if she does it's not going to last. I suppose that's the trouble having 2 together of the same age. Her best friend Boris died 16 months ago.
      Will let you know how we get on. xx
    18. hobbs2004
      Oh no! They LOOK good though.... How big is that access hole? Big enough for chunky cats or only really for lithe, small cats?
    19. hobbs2004
      So, how is that swanky loo? Are they using it? Liking it?
    20. hobbs2004
      :thumbup1: Excellent news! So pleased. Yes, a sachet lasts quite a few days. I have got bagpuss on a 0.5g dose, which seems to work for him. And definitely geared towards dogs. They tried to tell me that because he is a 7kg cat he would need a sachet a day. Yeah, right! :dita:
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