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Feb 21, 2020 at 5:42 PM
May 4, 2010
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East London

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PetForums VIP, from East London

Paddypaws was last seen:
Feb 21, 2020 at 5:42 PM
    1. buffie
      Still to get the biopsy results but it is begining to look likely.I just hope the samples are good enough as they are only "surface" and not full thickness.That should make meal times fun for a while.With a fussy sod it is not going to be easy :rolleyes:
    2. buffie
      All done.Nothing nasty on scan/endoscopy .Stomach lining slightly thickened and pinker than usual.Samples taken of stomach lining (by endoscope) and sent to lab.He is staying in overnight,as a precaution as not yet awake and eating.Will let you know the results,hopefully there will be some answers.Thanks for your support xxx
    3. colliemerles
      i think the breeder has another litter due, but i know she does have a waiting list,she was going to keep the kitten i have just got from her, as it was thought to be a female, but then turned out to be male, so i was lucky,as mine are pets and all neutured so it didnt matter what sex it was to me.
    4. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      yeah Tilly has been one of them that would be in trouble on DCC and Tilly needs more insulin at the beginning and their approach really was less insulin less insulin but i just think you need a bit of both which is what me and marlena do really all depends on what Tilly needs luckily on the doggy juice she does great so many of them have i think its cause you can dose earlier so you can keep them in the lower numbers Tilly didn't really respond to Hypurin that well she went stale on it this is why cats are so hard to regulate there is no exact model lol
      What is your username on Facebook
    5. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Yeah i was feeding the chicken bozita tins the lowest carbs one the kittens had the carts sometimes but never tilly lol I'm not green anymore lol
      Yes she will eat the whole bone up she loves it ALL this is what i mean so LUCKY with Tilly my flat mates cat the grey one loopy will not he looks at the bone like WTF what is this crap.
      I didn't get a link weird?!
      I spend so much time on Tilly's log but also others i suppose the DA's are basically people who are on there all the time but its different approaches now on the forums DCH is more insulin friendly and DCC is more insulin-phobic both are doing good jobs though really just differently we have had so many t the moment go off the juice must be the month for it. Tilly likes all the attention too much i think lol
    6. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Well yeah that makes sense no she is on hi life and raw treats till next week she even goes for raw over dry absolutely amazing she lights up too when i had given her NO raw treats for a few days her numbers spiralled i think she has intolerance to carbs she is so young to have diabetes and when you give her raw her numbers drop and she goes on these runs. I am so pleased CAN"T WAIT for the grinder lol Also she likes a raw chicken wing for her teeth I'm so lucky she loves it, Dexter wont even humour me he just refuses lol
      The bozita is just not low enough in carbs and she prefers pate style anyway i was not happy looking through all the ingredients in bozita don't like it too much bits of pork and what else, are you on the other forum still do you want to be a DA
    7. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Hey how are you and those gorgeous babies. Tilly is doing so well just did 15 hours all by herself so very happy and she just gets better numbers with raw but grinder not here yet my bloody money is late meant to be monday not gonna be here till monday now bloody annoying so next week now
    8. missye87
      Hi hun! Just dropping in to check and see how you are. Hope you and the gang are well! Huge hugs xx
    9. vivien
      Oh sorry I forgot I hope your furries like their barrel I think they will have great fun with it xx
    10. vivien
      Thank you Paddypaws, I think mum is here to stay so I will have to get a new routine so I get some time for me, but for now it is just a quick look while I am having a cuppa lol
    11. buffie
      :D Nope ;) google is a wonderful thing :sneaky2:I do hope your gang love the barrel,to be honest I really didnt know where to put it so kept putting it off .May just order this instead Medium Cat Trees

      Just had an email from the "zoo" luckily for you the barrel is not on an offer :eek:
      Remember to post some pics when it arrives :D
    12. vivien
      Hi Paddypaws how did you get on about getting a cat barrel? I have just popped on quickly as I don't know often I can get on here now as my mum can hardly walk so I have her over with me she is 82. At the moment she is having to sleep on my sofa as she cannot do the stairs, we got in touch with acorn stairlift and it is going to cost £1800 to put a refurb one in, she will have to go home for a short while as we will have to empty the spare bedroom of our old furniture put new carpets down and redecorate, then bring her furniture over so she has some of her familiar stuff around her. Maybe you could let Buffie know for me please? As I will probably only have time for a quick read around the forum while having a cuppa but probably till things settle down I won't be able to join in with everyone speak soon I hope by for now
    13. vivien
      My hubby measured the space we wanted to put it in then the height, if you know where it could go you could measure and see if it would fit. I know what you mean I keep looking at a scratcher on cat scratchers.com but I know in my heart of hearts that it won't fit :-( xx
    14. vivien
      Hi Paddypaws I got the 75 one and I have to say I was a little disappointed but on seeing Mikki play with it ( she is smaller and lighter than the other 2 I am glad I have it. It does not take up much space at all but poor Tiga and Max they just cannot fit on the top of it at all lol. I will post some pics of Mikki playing with it this afternoon I have to download them off my phone as I still have not learnt how to take pics off my iPad. I have already put some on Facebook. Xx
    15. loubyfrog
      Hi Paddypaws...wondering if you can help me,i'm just about to buy some 450mg of Zylkene (thanks for tipping me off about it been cheaper that way) 1x450mg will be enough for 6 days...if ive worked it our correctly.Just wondering how to store it once you've divided the capsule up & is it a case of weighing the powder by the eyes as i'm guessing its too little to show on my weighing scales.
      Thankyooooou xx
    16. buffie
      Its wider as well as taller.Only problem is i dont know where i can put it and still have all his "stuff" in the living room.Its becoming a bit of a cats playground ;)
    17. buffie
      Jenny has just posted,it is available on ebay in cream,100cm £50.Black doesnt seem to be available now at the "zoo" uk site.
    18. buffie
      Where did you see the cat barrel in black ,Jenny says the 100cm one is available on the "zoo"'s German site so which one did you see the 100cm in black.
    19. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      yeah i think it will be cheaper to grind really but tilly doesn't care either way she just loves RAW
      im not as worried about the rest eating it i think they wil want it how yours have it chop and change all dexter wants is freaking james well beloved dry
    20. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      WOW thanks that was the grinder i was gonna get decent wattage she absolutely loves raw meat so its easy going with her and the kittens do just dexter there is always one isn't there he refuses looks at me like I'm a freak lol
      have yours gone back to raw yet or still being devils?
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