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May 30, 2020 at 11:36 AM
May 4, 2010
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East London

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Paddypaws was last seen:
May 30, 2020 at 11:36 AM
    1. ellsbells0123
    2. lymorelynn
      I'll have a look at it :)
    3. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      Hi just looked at your pics on photobucket, i want all of your cats they are all so cute.
    4. MoggyBaby
      Thank you for the vaccine info hun, really appreciated. I know this has been a debated issue for a while and I just wondered if they had come out with concrete evidence yet. If WE don't get vaccines & boosters EVERY year, why on earth should our furbabies?? :rolleyes:

      xxx :)
    5. chillminx
      Would the sisal cope with being outdoors in all weathers though? Without disintegrating or getting soggy?!
      I like the pole idea, but indoors I imagine it is flush against the ceiling. What could it rest against outdoors, to keep it stable d'you think? Otherwise it would need a very heavy base to stop it tipping over.
      I am thinking of something not too high, with a few different levels to it. Benjamin is daft when he is is asleep, always rolling off tables, chairs in his sleep! Luckily so far no damage done to himself, just wounded pride, but my OH insists we must not have anything very high outdoors in case Ben rolls off it and hurts himself!!!
    6. chillminx
      Will do PP, with pleasure, if I ever get it finished! :(
      I am struggling with the design, as I want it to be functional and challenging for my cats, but also an interesting feature, a talking point for visitors, almost a sculpture. I am trying to persuade my b-in-law, who is (an award winning) architect, to help me with the design, as designing is not my strong point, though I know what I like. He has said he will, but has been slow to do so, and I wonder if he thinks it is a bit infradig for him to be using his skills for something as lowly as a cat activity centre.:(
    7. Lumboo
      Have you tried chucking in a few bits of poo in the tray so they can follow the lead? Typical cats, always doing what they shouldn't be, just because they can! Keep trying though, as if it works with one cat the rest will follow and it makes life a LOT easier.

      I think the insurance issue for Wilbur causes real problems as I think if we went ahead it would mean him having no insurance cover for any UTI illnesses - which we all know means no cover for future UTI/kidney/bladder problems as underwriters try to group everything together!! As he is only 1 years old this could prove to be very expensive in the future.

      I don't want to be away from Duncan but if it is the only way, then for a short time we may have to be live separately. I think however Duncan finds not being with our 5 year old son every day too hard to think about so yes, it is a very tough decision.

      Life eh? Just when you think you have it sussed another challenge comes your way!

    8. Cookieandme
      I can't rep you but thanks for the headsup on the grinder :)
    9. missye87
      Somehow managed to miss your visitors message! I thinkw.e bond with each individual in a different way, and I'm so happy I have Storm and Benji in my life. Got back from Sweden the other day and Storm has been all over me like a rash since, all purry and happy amd cuddly that his mum is home. Benj sulked then came for kisses and purrs. Have even more photos, just need to remember what aervice I used to upload the pics, upload a huge bunch then voila! How did Murphy's vet check up go? Results back? Xx
    10. ellsbells0123
    11. ellsbells0123
      It was for the dog, got it recently from mobile pet foods. Suzie died and I don't want it to go to waste. Amber is a fussy girl and will only eat fresh chicken breast!!!!
    12. ellsbells0123
    13. buffie
      Meeko is my 4th (full time) cat.Only one of them would eat anything and everything,Funnily enough she was the one who became diabetic at 12 and hyperthyroid at 17 :rolleyes:
    14. buffie
      Thats good,I was a bit wary sending needles in the post :eek:.Hope you get the poor guy sorted.
      Meeko is not on a special diet the sod wont eat any I've tried so far.Cazzer from pf is sending me some samples of the food she uses to see if he will eat any of that.He is his own worst enemy.Apart from Slippery Elm he is nearly med free now but is still being a little sick every 2/3 days.
    15. buffie
      Thanks PP's .I'll ring them in the morning.hobbs gave me a link to another site Cotswold Health but she isnt sure whether it is pure or not,so will be phoning them too.
      He is okay(ish) and weight is stable but he is not the "live wire" I'm used to and now that he is off the antacids he has been sick occas.Apart from further biopsy testing there is not a lot more ,apart from diet ,that we can do.
    16. buffie
      Hi PP's I have just been given the okay by my vet to give Slippery Elm a try.You posted a link on a thread ...Baldwins Slippery Elm Bark Powder (ulmus Rubra) | Herbs S | Herbs, Roots, Barks, Powders & Dried Flowers | G. Baldwin and Co. | Herbalist UK..
      Do you know if this is a pure powder,as I'm not sure where to buy it.hobbs has given me lots of info ect including the restrictions in place .I believe I should avoid S.E. with certain additives,I'm a bit confused.
    17. Princess Peanut
      Princess Peanut
      You've got a very cute family of kitties :-)
    18. Jenny1966
      I posted a couple of links to some bowls on Jiskefets feeding time thread, might be of interest to you :)
    19. Caz1808
      Hi Claire,
      Thats great...just didnt want them going to waste. Where shall I send them?
    20. missye87
      Its just been so hectic with work, finding a new flat, realising what a bad life choice that was. If I wasn't so stressed about.it all it would be a laughable situation! The boys are my loveable rogues, naughty little monsters but I couldn't live without them. It's odd how cautious I was after losing Sooty, about loving these two, but I love them so much and they are both special in their own ways. When I've uploaded all the pics of my two bears on to the computer I'll do a whole thread with plenty of cute pics! Glad to hear Millie is doing so well, how is the rest of the gang? How are you? X
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