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May 30, 2020
May 4, 2010
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East London

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May 30, 2020
    1. peecee
      Thanks for the rep.
    2. Polly G
      Polly G
      Hi - sorry not to have been in touch. Jasper has had a bad couple of days. I did receive the package, thank you. I haven't been online all weekend due to events but will hopefully be on the DCC in the next couple of days. Thanks again Polly
    3. Ang2
      Let me know how it works
    4. Ang2
      Older cats are often deficient in B12, so it really can make all the difference. Tablets are not anywhere near as good as the shots. Please try soon, as it could be a turning point.
    5. Ang2
      Have you tried B12 injections for your cat losing weight? Hope it helps.
    6. oliviarussian
      Oh gawd!!! She really is a handful... I've got a determined, demanding one with Mika who uses pester power to get what he wants... But nothing like this, It's a good job you love her so much.... At least she can't hear you swearing! :cursing::cursing:
    7. oliviarussian
      Oh that's a shame, I didn't know she has bullying issues... Poor little Mitzy, do you think her 'issues' have anything to due with her deafness? Or is she just naturally a bossy little madam?
    8. buffie
      The problem with these threads is that the owners are rarely aware of any of the risks/costs/ect involved,all they see is little "clones" of their darling cat.
      The truth is often the complete opposite may happen,who knows, with moggies you get what you are given ;)
    9. buffie
      Thanks for accepting,I only just noticed you werent on it :D
    10. Anna43
      My daughter's B&B in Windermere Cumbria :) - pass it on please....

      The deal – special offer, can be booked through KGB dealsr:

      Lake District escape - The Crunchy Leaf - National - kgbdeals

      The rooms:

      The Crunchy Leaf B&B - The Rooms
    11. Cookieandme
      Hi Claire thank you for highlighting the colloidal silver product. I ordered some online which arrived yesterday and I am going to collect some from Carly next week. I read online about applying to Cookies gums but I don't think she is going to like that, but will definitely add it to food or water.
    12. ellsbells0123
      Log in | Facebook come and join in x
    13. allsorts
      Dear Paddy, Hi My name is Glendean and I am a freelance recruiter for market research projects. I am at present recruiting on behalf of World One Research for a focus group regarding cats with diabetes who are on insulin. The focus group will take place mid November in a central London location and participants will be compensated for their time. Please do get in touch if this is something that may be of interest to you. Thank you
    14. Annie38
      That's fantastic thank you :) I'm not rolling in money but to be honest I'd spend every last penny trying to make sure my cats were healthy :) I'm going to order some Natural Instinct now, I'm pretty sure they'll be more than happy to eat it. I've fed the adults some raw in the past as a treat and they've gone crazy for it, I just never considered making it their main diet.
    15. Annie38
      Hi Claire, no sadly I don't drive at the moment! Bit of a bummer, but would any rabbit meat do? I'm quite keen on trying out the raw food diet, I had a look on the Natural instinct website but I can't work out how much I'd have to feed them/order, what would you recommend for 3 adult cats and 1 kitten?
      I'll post some pics up in the thread, thanks again for the help!
    16. Jenny1966
      Hiya :) Click on kitten nursery ... the main heading. 3 kittens available come up.
    17. Elizabeth and Bertie
      Elizabeth and Bertie
      Hi Claire, my forays into TR territory were via contacts I'd made through FDMB and YDC. People were very keen to promote/help with TR; and I was new to FD and completely clueless and grateful to be offered help. Some of the advice I got was really good, and some wasn't so good. But the continuing denial of the possibility of symptomatic hypo on a low carb diet was the last straw for me...

      Yes, I'd like to think FD treatment is improving in the UK. Hometesting seems to be becoming more common. When Bertie first went onto insulin our vet was not at all keen on the idea of hometesting. But when a near neighbour of ours saw the same vet earlier this week he WAS in favour of hometesting.... I took a meter round to the chap's house and did a hometest demo. Lovely cat, so friendly and ultra docile. Just curled up on his owners lap and purred through the entire test! I wish testing Bert was that simple; he is so NOT a lap cat!

      Will take a look at DCC.


    18. Elizabeth and Bertie
      Elizabeth and Bertie
      Hi Claire, and thanks so much for your kind message. :-)

      Bertie wasn't a suitable candidate for Dr H's TR. His sputtering pancreas has made him an exceptionally difficult diabetic. So it turned out that it wasn't safe to try to deliberately aim for low/normal BG numbers. His producing his own insulin intermittently (and frequently) means that his BG can drop like a stone when coupled with exogenous insulin. But the risk of hypo with TR was just too great. I was told that symptomatic hypo wasn't possible for a cat on a low carb diet but it's simply not true. I've been there! And I know of others that have too. But the response I got from other TR folks at that time was that my experience simply couldn't have happened.... So I said 'goodbye' to that TR protocol: Although I think TR in general (whether PZI or Lantus/Glargine) certainly has benefits for some cats, as long as the cat carers monitor the cats' BG closely enough and trust their own experience.
    19. lymorelynn
      No problems on the sticky. Worming I use panacur paste for kittens and mums but I have to say I haven't used any flea treatment for several years now. With the girls not going out it hasn't been a problem. Sorry not to be able to help any more than that.
    20. ellsbells0123
      Bentley is not a lover of Bozita :(
      N16 is Stoke Newington, I am at the vets on Monday if that helps. Bentley is being spayed and Amber is due her yearly vac.
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