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May 30, 2020
May 4, 2010
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East London

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PetForums VIP, from East London

Paddypaws was last seen:
May 30, 2020
    1. Flamingoes
      I just saw your stairs...oh how I want them :crying:
    2. oliviarussian
      Just received the Simple Solutions Pet Hair And Lint Remover Sponge you recommended.... IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!! Best one I've ever tried, Thanks for that x
    3. chinafish
      Hi Claire, thank you again for the kind opportunity to try out nutriment. I've collected the food and will be trying them once they have been defrosted!! Thanks again!!
    4. chinafish
      Hi yes, meant to message you earlier. Yes I'll make my way from Liverpool Street, should get out of work by 5:30pm. So would be no later than 6:30pm allowing for me getting lost at any point!! My name is May Kwok and I'll be making donation right after I finish typing this! Thanks ever so much, May.
    5. Cheryl89
      Shame I missed you last night hun! I drove Sashski down to collect her raw you done for her, one day I'll meet ya! lol xxx
    6. chinafish
      And thanks to the almighty power of Google maps, I'll have no trouble finding you :)
    7. chinafish
      Thanks!! I have 2 cats, they are 7 months old. You are so kind!! I'd like to try some of each flavour if poss, but whatever you have will be great. Thank you!!
    8. chinafish
      Thanks! Yes next week evening good for me, apart from Tuesday. Does Monday work for you? How do we contact each other privately on here? Don't want to be putting personal info into public domain...!
    9. chinafish
      Hi how do I go about trying the nutriment? I work in the city, and I am working evenings this week so can come to you mornings this week, or after office hours next week. Thank you so much for the kind offer! Will be glad to contribute to your chosen charity. :-)
    10. ellsbells0123
      Daily grooming it is then :)
      I have the zoom groom will give it a try.
      Bentley is such a baby, but I love him for it :) :) :)
    11. ellsbells0123
      Hi, I got the chicken flavour Cat Chicken formula - Adult - Nutriment :)
      Do you give your babies anything for hairballs? Bentley was sick last night and he was not happy :(
    12. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Keep forgetting :o :rolleyes: cards arrived thank you very much, they are spot on :D x
    13. sheltux
      Thanx for the tips. I have a few people who can help out so hopefully we'll get it done quickly. Will definitely have to block the bottoms off just incase.I'll save those links also. You've helped alot cheers
    14. sheltux
      Hi there, I'm just reading through the cat proofing thread and seen your done your own. I'm lookin to make my own for my new garden, neither me or other half are very good with diy. Just wondered if you had any tips
    15. alison1968
      where can I buy a cat blood glucose monitoring kit cheaply, they are all so expensive thank you
    16. smiler84
      Just wanted to say thanks for recommending that cat hair removing sponge! Mine arrived today and it works like magic -my curtains haven't been this fur free since I got the furry one!! So thankyou very much :)
    17. ellsbells0123
      Joy84 tried her best, but Chester just wouldn't get in her bag :)
    18. catcoonz
      I can make room if desperate. xxx
    19. KathinUK
      Hi PP, Reading a raw feeding thread from last December I noticed you ground your chicken carcasses - can I ask, did you buy them as carcasses or were they the remains of your 'whole' chickens. I used to buy organic carcasses and mixed offal from Graig Farm in Wales but can't use such a big order now to justify the postage costs.

    20. Polly G
      Polly G
      Hi Paddypaws. Thanks for your message - I have just posted an update on the forum.
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